Ahdarji's Heirloom
Quest Information
Starting Location: Imperial City Waterfront district
Starting NPC: Armand Christophe
Possible Reward(s): 400 Gold

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After exposing the informant in the The Elven Maiden quest, Armand Christophe will tell you that he no longer has work for you. He directs you to a woman named S'Krivva in the city of Bravil, and also recommends that you only speak with her at the Lonely Suitor Lodge or at her home when the door is unlocked. The Lonely Suitor is your best bet, as the Khajiit spends a lot of time there during the day.

When you finally meet up with S'Krivva, she will introduce herself as your new Doyen. If you've fenced over 200 Gold worth of stolen goods during the Independent Thievery quest, S'Krivva will offer you the job that will further this quest along. She will tell you that a street scavenger has stolen a ring from a widow named Ahdarji in the city of Leyawiin, after which she'll ask you to get it back. Apparently the guild frowns on freelance thievery, so the guild is sending you to deliver a message to the would-be rogue.

Fast-travel to Leyawiin's west gate, then track down the nearest beggar (Rancid Ra'dirsha, for example) and bribe them to learn that Ahdarji lives on the west side of the city, is fond of the Three Sisters Lodge in the evening, and eats her midday meal at the Five Claws. With this information at hand, it shouldn't be too difficult to find Ahdarji and ask her about the ring.

You'll learn that Ahdarji hates Argonians by asking her about Leyawiin, so it comes as no surprise that she claims a "filthy" Argonian named Amusei stole her ring. Remember that name? It was the same idiot that wandered Imperial City aimlessly during the May the Best Thief Win quest. The ring was a gift from Ahdarji's mate and has enough sentimental value to her that she wants you to kill the Argonian. Tell her that killing is against the guild's rules and she'll settle for just making him suffer.

Track down another one of Leyawiin's town beggars and inquire about Amusei to learn that he's been locked up in the castle dungeon for trying to swindle the Countess. You'll also learn that it's common knowledge that the jailors can be bribed to allow visitors to see prisoners, though you don't necessarily have to use a bribe to finish the job. Make your way into Castle Leyawiin's County Hall and then take the first hallway to the right to reach the dungeon entrance.

The guards will proclaim that you're not supposed to be down here, but you can circumvent this annoyance by either offering the bribe of 20 Gold or simply sneaking down to the cell unchallenged. Amusei's cell is the second one on the right, but don't open it just yet. Speak with him and he'll offer you more information about the ring in exchange for a lockpick. Agree to this proposal and Amusei will tell you that the ring was originally stolen from the Countess herself and that he tried ransoming it to her, but was tricked and jailed. If you want the ring back, you're going to have to steal it from the Countess and she "rarely leaves the castle."

Pay another visit to Ahdarji and tell her what Amusei told you. She claims that she uses the ring "wisely" to collect the information that Countess Alessia writes in her private messages. Ahdarji wants you to steal the ring back and will pay double for its return. Now that you know what you must do, it's time to learn how to go about it. Find one of the local beggars and hand them 10 Gold to learn that Hlidara Mothril, the Countess' handmaiden, knows all about her habits and schedules. The beggar will suggest talking to her when she's eating dinner at 8:00pm in the castle. They'll also warn you about a secret torture chamber that the Count uses to interrogate Argonian immigrants from Black Marsh.

Hlidara Mothril can be found at 8:00pm in the Castle Leyawiin dining room, just as the beggar told you. With a sufficient disposition, you can glean all sorts of information from Hlidara. She'll tell you that the Countess puts the ring away in her jewelry box for baths and during the night, and that her schedule includes a stop at the Leyawiin chapel in the morning, hosting the evening meal at 8:00pm, and finally retiring sometime after 11:00pm. Unfortunately, the Countess travels to Chorrol during the Ides of each month, so you won't be able to find her between the 15th and 17th. The torture chamber is a sore subject for Hlidara because she can hear the screams of the prisoners from her chambers. Apparently there is a secret passage from the castle basement that leads into the torture chamber, which just so happens to be where the Countess' private chambers are too.

Move to the southeast corner of the County Hall and enter the basement door. Toward the back of the room, you'll find the outside of a barrel wrapped around a lever. Pull the lever to reveal the hallway leading to the secret torture chamber. Press on through the blood-soaked chamber until you reach another lever leading into the private chambers of the castle. Take a left and move up the stairs to reach the door leading into the Count and Countess' bedroom.

If it's past 11:00pm, you'll most likely find the two sleeping soundly. Pickpocket them for their gold (and the Jewelry Box Key), then prop open Alessia's jewelry box to find Ahdarji's Ring. Once you have the ring, it's just a matter of sneaking out the way you came and returning to the Khajiit when you're back in the city.

Ahdarji is happy to have her ring back and hands over the 200 Gold she promised without question. When you return to S'Krivva, you'll receive another 200 Gold, personal recommendation to the Gray Fox himself, and a promotion to the rank of Prowler. If you've fenced over 300 Gold worth of stolen items, ask S'Krivva about another job to receive the Misdirection quest.