Taking Care of Lex
Quest Information
Starting Location: Bravil
Starting NPC: S'Krivva
Possible Reward(s): 500 Gold (+500 Gold reimbursement), New Fence Access

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Once you've obtained The Lost Histories of Tamriel to complete the Lost Histories quest and have sold more than 500 Gold worth of stolen items for the Independent Thievery quest, S'Krivva will tell you that Hieronymus Lex must be eliminated once and for all. Remember, the Thieves Guild does not promote murder, so by "eliminate", S'Krivva really means that you'll be getting Lex reassigned.

Countess Umbranox of Anvil is looking for a new captain of her guard and the legion commander has sent her a list of candidates. Unfortunately, the list does not contain a recommendation for Hieronymus Lex (probably due to the Thieves Guild making him look like a fool), but the Gray Fox wants the list replaced with one that highly recommends Lex. If he gets reassigned to Anvil, it will be much tougher for him to cause harm to the guild.

The list is located in the desk of Dairihill, Countess Umbranox's steward in the city of Anvil. The steward has lied to Lady Umbranox, stating that the letter hasn't arrived, although you're not told what the motivation is behind such a deception. Regardless, Dairihill cannot be trusted, so you must find someone to forge another letter and deliver it to Lady Umbranox yourself. Before doing so, though, uou're also going to have to sneak into the Legion Commander's office in the prison and seal the letter with his seal. That's the only way it will look official.

Unfortunately, S'Krivva does not know where you can find someone to make such a forgery, so your best bet is to start in Anvil and see what you can come up with. Fast-travel to Anvil and track down one of the local beggars, such as Imus the Dull. Imus can't tell you where Dairihill's office is, but he will tell you that the castle holds many secrets - secret ways and secret people - and reommends that you talk with the blacksmith.

Enter Castle Anvil and hang your first right to enter the Smithy area. To your surprise, Orrin the blacksmith was already expecting you (well, a cat burglar anyway) and asks you to follow him. He leads you into a nearby room and then reveals a secret passage that allows you to make it into Dairihill's office without being seen by the castle guards. He also mentions that Dairhill can be found in the audience chamber during the morning hours and dines with the Countess from 8:00pm until midnight.

Take the secret passage until you reach the door into the private chambers. Pick the lock, then continue until you reach a deadend. Pull the moveable pillar and you'll have access to Dairihill's office just off to your left. Pick the lock on her desk and grab the List of Candidates. Now all you need is a forger.

Return the way you came and exit the castle. Pay another visit to one of Anvil's beggars to learn that a master forger lives right in here in Anvil. He's known only as "the Stranger" and he resides just down the road from the Chapel of Dibella. Look for the home that's simply called an Abandoned House with a smashed crate on its porch. You'll find the Stranger on its second floor.

The Stranger acts a bit, well, strange, but he's apparently good at forgery, so ask him to take a look at the List of Candidates. He agrees to forge it so that Lex gets the highest recommendation, but he needs a full day to complete the job. After 24 hours of waiting, speak to the Stranger again to pick up the forged copy that gives Hieronymus Lex "a glowing recommendation." It'll cost you 500 Gold to obtain the forgery, though, so make sure you have some cash readily available.

With the forged document in hand, fast-travel to the Imperial City Prison district and pick the lock on the Legion Commander's office. Sneak inside and use the Imperial Legion Seal sitting on top of his desk. This will automatically transform the forged document into the "Sealed Forged Candidate List", meaning it's now ready for delivery to Countess Umbranox back in Castle Anvil.

If you arrive at the castle during the morning hours, you'll find Countess Millona Umbranox seated at a throne in the main audience chamber. Ask her about the new guard captain and show her the sealed forgery. Since Hieronymus Lex looks like the best man for the job, she will approve the request and hand you some Transfer Orders to deliver to Lex personally. Apparently Dairihill's cousin was going to be receiving the position, which gives a reason to why she was sitting on the original list of candidates for so long.

The quest journal says that the look on Lex's face should be priceless, and it only seems fitting that you're the person who gets to witness it. Check your overland map to see which Imperial City district Lex is currently patrolling, then fast-travel to him. Lex isn't happy to hear that he's been reassigned and he knows that the Gray Fox had a hand in it. Since he's bound by honor and duty to obey the orders, he realizes that the Gray Fox has finally won. He begins his trek to Anvil, hoping that fate will one day be kind and deliver the Gray Fox to him in Anvil. As long as you're a part of the Thieves Guild, that won't likely happen.

S'Krivva is delighted to hear that Lex is out of the way and no longer presents a threat to the guild. She promotes you to the rank of Shadowfoot and tells you that you can now use Orrin (the blacksmith that helped you in Castle Anvil) as your new fence. She then hands you 500 Gold as a reward, plus 500 Gold as reimbursement for what it cost you to forge the document.

You can no longer receive any special jobs from S'Krivva. Instead, she tells you that the Gray Fox himself has need of your skills and that you should wait for contact from him. Your journal entry for Independent Thievery is then updated with a note that you'll need to fence at least 600 Gold worth of stolen goods to get the Gray Fox's attention. Make use of your new fence in Anvil to reach your new goal, then wait for a visit from Methredhel to initiate the Turning a Blind Eye quest.