Fort Ilkard: Creator Race Ruins
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Creator Race Ruins

The exit from here will take you back to the Fort Ilkard: Ruins area.


The sun dials are to be used to travel in time and to the past. In order to activate them you will need to speak with Sapphira at area #14 and she will give a book called The Principles of Time Travel that contains all the information you need to do such travel and a Time crystal. You have to use the Time Crystal onto the sun dials and you will be transferred back to time.


After fighting several undead creatures here search the book piles nearby and you will find another book labeled Principles of Time Travel (like the one Sapphira gives) and the Tome of the Amulet. The Tome describes the creation of the Amulet of the Nature Armor +5. You can create the item later on at Eltoora's lab (see also Beorunna's Well area Walkthrough for more details about this kind of Tomes).


Inside the sarcophagus in this room you will find the Tamorlyn's Song. The song is the Lost Song of Love that Sharwyn seeks in Chapter 3. (See also our Henchmen Section for more details).


Keep in mind that there is no way to destroy the Golem if you have not traveled to the past and made the Golem vulnerable to some kind of damage. After you do that, return here and destroy the Golem using the flaw that you infested on him in the past. When you destroy it pick up the Golem key and unlock the gate to the south and the way the Smoke Riddle.


The first thing to do when you enter the room is to pick up the powders from inside the Apparacatus. You will find 2 blue powders, 2 yellow and two red. You will then have to mix them, using the smoky blazer, in the appropriate order to complete the Ritual of Smoke.

Here is what you need to do:
  • Place one red and one yellow powder inside the smoky blazer the first time
  • Place one blue and one red powder the second time and lastly
  • Place one blue and one yellow powder
You can figure out the powders you need to place each time from the Easel nearby. Just try to create the color of the gems mentioned each time. For example the amethyst gem is purple so you have to combine one blue and one red power but note that the order is essential for this ritual. Completing the ritual unlocks the appropriate lock on the gate that leads to the vault room at area #11.


Once again you will have to destroy the golem here by using the one thing you chose in the past that is vulnerable to. When you destroy the golem use the Golem key and unlock the door to the east and the way to the Sound riddle.


After defeating the Old One Bodak champion, perform the ritual in the way you have taught from the sprite in the past. If you don't remember the notes the Bodak champion drops a fairy bottle. Use the bottle to free the sprite and she will then start playing the right tune once again. Observe the sprite once more and play the tune accordantly. When you play the correct tune all the gongs and the sprite will disappear and the ritual of sound will be completed thus unlocking one more lock on the Vault Gate at area #11. See below for the correct combination.

There are 4 Gongs in the room in the following directions: one to the Northeast (NE) one to the Northwest (NW), one to the Southeast (SE) and one gong to the Southwest (SW) of the room. The correct order to play the gongs is:



By now you should know what to do with the Golem. Use its flaw to destroy it like you did with the other 2 golems and take the golem key you need to unlock the door nearby before you can access the light riddle room.


The corpse in the middle of the room contains another Old One Defenses script that gives pointer about this ritual.

First pick up the gems from the central pool, you should get 2 green, 2 orange and 2 purple gems. Then you have to set the primary pools to one of the colors of the gems and place the appropriate gems inside the secondary pools.

Any combination of these will complete the ritual:
  • Set one primary pool to yellow and one to blue and place a green gem inside each of the secondary pools
  • Set one primary pool to blue and one to red and place a purple gem inside each secondary pool
  • Set one primary poll to yellow and one to red and place an orange gem inside each of the secondary pools
After the ritual is complete it will unlock one more lock upon the Vault gate at area #11.


The Door of Three is sealed with three magical locks. In order to unlock it you must first perform the ritual of smoke, sound and light. Each ritual unlocks its represented lock. When you complete all three rituals return here and open the gate. You will then be able to reach the vault room at area #12 where you will find another Word of Power.


Before entering the vault room, be prepared to fight one of the most dangerous creatures in the game, a Balor Lord. Keep in mind that you will have to bypass the creature's immunities before you will be able to damage it, and in the case of a Balor Lord you will need a weapon of +2 or more enchantment to actually score some damage when you hit.

After the Balor Lord is defeated he will drop a key that unlocks the altar nearby. Inside the Altar you will of course find another one of the Words of Power. As with the other Words when you pick it up Haedraline will appear again and talk to you. If you follow this walkthrough this would be the second word so hear what Haedraline has to say and then use the portal that will appear next to you to return back to the surface and to the Ruins area. If this is your third word Haedraline will ask you to return to Neverwinter after talking with Aarin Gend at Beorunna's Well.


This door will take you to the Garden of this Creator Race complex.


A wild mage called Sapphira can be found in this small garden of the Creator Race Ruins. She has some very interesting things to say about time travel and she will eventually ask you to do a task for her. She needs you to travel back in time and plan an Ultarg Seed right here in this garden. If you accept to do this for her she will give you an Ultarg seed, a book labeled The Principles of Time Travel and a Time Crystal. The book contains information as of how you can actually travel in time. When you go back in time don't forget to find a way to weaken the Guardian Golems as well.

When you plan the seed in the part and return back, come here again and talk with Sapphira. She will then reward you will 350 experiences and 4 rubies. With a successful persuasion skill check you will gain a Phantasmal Killer Scroll as well.

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