Time Control
Time Control
Advancement Table
XP Req'd
First 600 See Below
Second 3600 See Below
Third 21,600 See Below
Fourth 86,400 See Below
Fifth 259,200 See Below

Spell Statistics
Targeted Distance
Damage Multiplier
Damage Duration
Stun Duration
Surround Duration
First 10 Meters 1.2 2 Seconds N/A 4 Seconds
Second 10 Meters 1.25 4 Seconds N/A 6 Seconds
Third 10 Meters 1.3 6 Seconds 2 Seconds 9 Seconds
Fourth 10 Meters 1.4 8 Seconds 4 Seconds 12 Seconds
Fifth 10 Meters 1.5 10 Seconds 6 Seconds 15 Seconds

Slow down time to gain an advantage over your sluggish enemies. You can also target a single enemy, which will teleport you behind them for a surprise attack. Targeting a single enemy can knock them down when Time Control reaches level 3 and beyond.

Note: The above spell statistics will increase significantly as you allocate more experience toward Will abilities.