Raise Dead
Raise Dead
Advancement Table
XP Req'd
First 500 See Below
Second 3000 See Below
Third 18,000 See Below
Fourth 72,000 See Below
Fifth 216,000 See Below

Spell Statistics
Shadows Summoned
First 2 8 Seconds Flourish Invulnerability
Second 3 12 Seconds Flourish Invulnerability
Third 4 18 Seconds Flourish Invulnerability
Fourth 4 25 Seconds Invulnerability, Flourish Invulnerability
Fifth 5 35 Seconds Invulnerability, Flourish Invulnerability

Summon the spectral shadows of fallen creatures to fight by your side. The type of spirits that are raised depends entirely on the opponents you've recently killed. If you haven't recently killed anything, then you'll call forth lesser shadows that aren't quite as powerful. There is no difference between the targeted and surround stats for this particular spell.

Note: The above spell statistics will increase significantly as you allocate more experience toward Will abilities.