Advancement Table
XP Req'd
First 600 See Below
Second 3600 See Below
Third 21,600 See Below
Fourth 86,400 See Below
Fifth 259,200 See Below

Spell Statistics
Targeted Duration
Surround Duration
First 5 Seconds 3 Seconds
Second 10 Seconds 6 Seconds
Third 15 Seconds 9 Seconds
Fourth 20 Seconds 12 Seconds
Fifth 25 Seconds 15 Seconds

Summon a Mask of Madness to scramble the minds of your enemies and you never know what might happen. Maybe they'll attack their friends, or maybe they'll scrub the floor to get those blood stains out. Cast your spell wide to catch more enemies in your web, or target a single one for a much longer effect. Fun for the whole family!

Note: The above spell statistics will increase significantly as you allocate more experience toward Will abilities.