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Boots of the Mystic
High boots with runes embroidered upon them.
• +2 Intellect
• +1 to Power of "Slow" and "Haste" spells
Type: Boots
Race: Humans
Cost: 15000
These unusual boots are quite popular among mage-travelers. It is thanks to runes depicted upon them that these boots allow the wearer to travel long distances and cast spells to hasten travel.

High leather jackboots.
• +1 to the Speed to Pirates and Robbers
• +10% increase of Gold after combat
Type: Boots
Race: Neutral
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 8500
Huge leather boots, popular among pirates. Special spells make them waterproof and allow to the owner of these boots to find more gold after combat.

The enchanted boots are not intended for heavy combat, and wear out during combat very quickly.

Kerian Shoes
Light leather shoes, reinforced with powerful magic.
• +3 to Defense
Type: Boots
Race: Humans
Cost: 13000
These shoes, enchanted with a powerful spell, were worn by the warrior-mages of King Kerus. It is said that by wearing these shoes they were able to walk across hot lava. However, the secrets of their manufacture were lost many years ago, and these shoes can protect one only from common physical attack.

Knight's Boots
Massive boots made of steel.
• +300 Leadership
• +5 to the Defense of Swordsmen, Guardsmen, Horsemen, and Knights
Type: Boots
Race: Humans
Cost: 18000
These boots can used only by those warriors capable of wearing heavy armor.

The complete set of Knight's armor consists of the Tournament Helmet, Knight's Cuirass, Knight's Boots, Knight's Sword and the Knight's Shield. It allows the wearer to hire 20% more Swordsmen, Guardsmen, Horsemen and Knights.

Ogre Sandals
Huge rough sandals.
• +1 to the Speed of Ogres and Giants
• +2 to Defense
Type: Boots
Race: Orcs
Cost: 8000
Ogres and Giants use such rough sandals, made of a huge single piece of stone.

The complete set includes the Ogre's Club, Ogre's Belt and Ogre's Sandals. It looks extremely impressive and gives the hero +2000 to Leadership.

Old Shoes
An ordinary pair of shoes with the soles torn off.
• +1 to Defense
Type: Boots
Race: Neutral
Cost: 700
This leather shoe is very old. It's amazing, but it was made of such durable leather that the shoe is still able to protect its owner despite its sorry state of repair. However, its wearer can't help but look like a bum.

Pilgrim Boots
Rough and worn boots.
• +1 to the Speed of the slowest troop
Type: Boots
Race: Neutral
Cost: 30000
These boots are much stronger than they seem, owing to their enchantment. The Easy Way" spell allows the sandal's owner to hold off road-weariness.

The complete set includes the Bandage of Concentration

Snake Boots
High boots made of snake skin.
• +1 to Defense.
• +1 to the Initiative and Speed of snakes
Type: Boots
Race: Elves
Cost: 6000
These waterproof boots were created by elven craftsmen specially for navigating through swamps. They are especially popular among snake catchers.

Spiked Boots
Boots with steel plates and sharp spikes.
• +1 to Attack
• +2 to Defense
Type: Boots
Race: Dwarves
Cost: 10000
Upgraded From: Steel Boots
The steel spikes welded on to boots allow to use these boots as a dangerous weapon.

Steel Boots
Solid boots, strengthened by steel plates.
• +2 to Defense
Type: Boots
Race: Dwarves
Cost: 6000
Upgraded To: Spiked Boots
A common type of footwear among experienced warriors who appreciate solid dwarven craftsmanship.

Exceptional boots, steel-reinforced.
• +2 to Defense
Type: Boots
Race: Neutral
Cost: 6000
Long leather boots, reinforced with inserts of flexible steel. Cheap, but good.

Twinkling Boots
Light boots made of the scales from a deep-sea fish.
• +15% Physical Damage Resistance
Type: Boots
Race: Neutral
Cost: 21000
These boots are sewn from the twinkling scales of a deep-sea fish. These scales are very slippery and strong.

Wind Wings
Elegant winged sandals made of white gold.
• +1 to the Speed of flying and soaring creatures
Type: Boots
Race: Neutral
Cost: 35000
The sandals are so delicate that they seem to be translucent, and as easy as the air itself. It is said that they were presented by one of the inferior gods as the sign of his love to the winged goddess Irea, keeper of the winds. However, the flighty beauty rejected the present, instead granting the sandals to the elven king.

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