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"Power of Water" Scroll
Upon the scroll is written a spell, by which you can lift great weights up from the seabed.
Type: Quest
Although this spell was made by the mages of Endoria, its magic was based upon a few decoded spells of strangers.

A heavy rusty knight's boot.
Type: Quest
It seems that the boot has been in the chest for many years. The boot is eaten away by rust, and through the hole in the heel you can see that the boot has a double bottom.

Bagaba's Flag
The flag of the middle brother, Frogus Bagaba.
Type: Quest
The flag which Bagaba wishes to hoist over his brother's castle.

Homing bat.
Type: Quest
According to the bat's owner, it was trained specially for carrying messages, much like a homing pigeon.

A flower with a sharp smell which attracts bears.
Type: Quest
It's known that bears love to dig up and chew the roots of the Bearka. Its sharp smell and sweet taste intoxicate bears, making them playful and good-natured.

Black Box
A heavy black box. It is locked.
Type: Quest
This box is locked. According to the dwarves, even a dragon can't bite it through or even scratch the surface of such a box. And it seems to be the truth. After the box dropped from the enormous height, there is not even a dent on it.

Black Mark
It's a little black paper circlet with the image of the skull and the crossbones.
Type: Quest
It's the element of a pirate ritual. A challenge to fight a duel, or just a warning about coming retribution.

Bones of a huge creature.
Type: Quest
A whole heap of bones of quite impressive size. It seems the creature had two legs,, three, no, two hands, and only one head - that much is for sure.

The evil book, which was taken from the necromancer's body.
Type: Quest
This book looks like an ordinary Book of Death - bloody letters, patterns of skulls and evil symbols.
However, it looks suspiciously new, its pages still smell of fresh ink. How strange...

Book of Evil
The magic book belonging to the necromancer Kvorum.
Type: Quest
This magic book is alive and quite dangerous.

A heavy bar of gold.
Type: Quest
A huge bar of gold, intended as payment for the pirate's wife.

Cage of Frogs
Several frogs croak sadly inside the metal cage.
Type: Quest
Several would-be princesses, gathered from different swamps by the unhappy earl, are croaking sadly inside this small cage.

Chronicles of the Lost Town
Ancient manuscripts which are of interest only to those who study the history of Darion.
Type: Quest
These ciphered records are nothing short of chronicles of the mythical Lost Town of Necromancers.

Confirmation Certificate
A certificate which confirms that you've passed the test on the Magic Range.
Type: Quest
A certificate which confirms that you've successfully passed the test on the Magic Range. It is required by the Magic Academy.

The cow, bought from the milk-woman.
Type: Quest
The ordinary cow with horns and hooves.

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