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Bandage of Concentration
A silken headband decorated with a piece of crystal.
• +1 to Intellect
Type: Helmet
Race: Neutral
Cost: 3500
Mages use such bands for meditation and concentration. Thanks to a special properties of the crystal, the mage can achieve concentration much more quickly and deeply.

The set of the Bandage of Concentration, Monk Belt and Pilgrim Boots gives to a hero +2 to Mana every turn during combat.

Battle-Mage Helmet
A bright leather helmet, decorated with magical symbols.
• +3 to Intelligence
• +1 to Defense
Type: Helmet
Race: Humans
Cost: 18000
This light and comfortable helmet is designed specifically for battle mages.

Clay Bowl
An ordinary bowl made of clay.
• +5 to Mana
• -1 to Intellect
Type: Helmet
Race: Neutral
Cost: 700
It's very stupid to wear a clay bowl on a head. However, oddly enough, this common household item aids in the accumulation of magic energy.

Commander's Helmet
A light helmet decorated with a colored plume.
• +1 to Defense
• +200 Leadership
Type: Helmet
Race: Humans
Cost: 10000
The bright colored ponytail which is attached to the helmet gives it the character of a commander's helm.

Crown of Blackthorn
A crown made of natural blackthorn.
• +50% slower loss to Rage after combat
• +100% Damage of allied Thorns
Type: Helmet
Race: Neutral
Cost: 7500
The narrow crown sticks into its owner's head, causing acute pain. The anger and pain do not allow the crown's owner to calm down after combat and lose his fighting spirit.

This living thorny branch enjoys the heat of combat, but treats lives of nature's creatures very tenderly.

Elven Crown
Elegant crown made of heavenly metal.
• +1000 Leadership
• +1 Morale to Elves
Type: Helmet
Race: Elves
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 30000
This beautiful Elven Crown was not forged, but woven from tiny strips of precious metal through the aid of magic. This symbol of royal power inspires all the warriors of the forest.

The living crown treats the lives of its subjects very tenderly, and holds a special spite against creatures of the undead, products of Death Magic.

The complete set, which consists of the Elven Crown, Elven Bow, Silver chain armor, and Silver Horn, gives +1 Morale bonus to Elves.

Full Helmet
A strong steel helmet with a face guard.
• +4 to Defense
Type: Helmet
Race: Neutral
Cost: 16000
Such helmets provide excellent protection, though they reduce their owner's field of vision.

Horned Helmet
An ordinary metal helmet - with horns.
• +2 to Defense
Type: Helmet
Race: Neutral
Cost: 7000
Barbarians make such helmets and decorate them with horns to frighten their enemies.

Mask of Youth
A magical mask, made of gold and silver.
• +7% to the Health to creatures level 1-3
Type: Helmet
Race: Neutral
Cost: 27000
An amazing find - the mask of the goddess Vakrista, grotesque mistress of sandstorms and droughts. Envying a far more beautiful goddesses, and hoping to change her appearance, Vakrista decided to bathe in the Golden Spring, though she had not paid full tribute to its owner. Hardly had she dipped her face into the spring, but the water turned her face into a golden mask. Howling with pain she ripped off the mask - together with her skin - and threw it to Endoria. This mask still contains the magical properties of the Golden Spring water.

Miner's Helmet
To the Miner's Helmet is attached a powerful lantern.
• +500 Leadership
• +20% to the Attack of your troops during night combat
Type: Helmet
Race: Dwarves
Cost: 28000
The powerful lantern fixed on this helmet allows your warriors to attack the enemy more effectively during nighttime combat.

Ordinary Helmet
An ordinary metal helmet.
• +1 to Defense
Type: Helmet
Race: Neutral
Cost: 3000
A semicircular metal helmet - not a bad thing to protect your head.

Pandemonic Mask
A mask in the shape of the grinning muzzle of a demonic creature.
• +10 to Rage
Use: For 10,000 gold animates the spirit of the demon general for a short time
Type: Helmet
Race: Demons
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 20000
Forged in a volcanic fire by demonic blacksmiths, this mask represents a face of Pandemonic, one of the greatest of the old demon generals. Pandemonic became famous after he alone, in a fit of anger, gave a battle dare to a whole army. And after two days of fierce fighting, the enemy became dismayed and run away, thinking the God of War himself has possessed the mad archdemon. The general vanished without a trace after that battle, and it is said that his insane spirit still lives in this mask.

The heat of combat nourishes the spirit of the general, and is able to bring him back to life.

Prismatic Helmet
A helmet of strange form, made of rock crystal.
• +5 to Mana
• +20% to the Power of combat spells
Type: Helmet
Race: Humans
Cost: 50000
Prismatic helmets were used by battle mages in the days of the old empire, to increase the power of attacking spells. It is said that such helmets had other special properties, but the secret of their manufacturing was lost. Today, one can only guess at the special properties of this artifact from the times of the sunset empire.

Straw Hat
An ordinary peasant hat.
• +20 Leadership
Type: Helmet
Race: Humans
Cost: 750
The use of this hat is questionable at best. On the other hand, it's better to have this hat than to have nothing.

The Face of Pandemonic
A horrible face, appalling the enemy with its appearance.
• +15 to Rage
• -1 of enemy Initiative
Type: Helmet
Race: Demons
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 60000
This demonic mask, drenched in the pain and suffering of countless battles, seems to be alive, as if the insane general Pandemonic himself looks forth from its slots at the enemy. This gaze gives pause to even the bravest of warriors - for no one indeed would like to meet the desperate demon general.

Awoken to slake his thirst of combat, the spirit of Pandemonic will sleep again, when he has satiated himself with pain.

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