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Cape of Wizardry
A silvery mantle, covered with sparkling runes.
• +10 to Mana
• +20% to Magic Resistance
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 15000
Upgraded From: Cloak of Wizardry
Upgraded To: Mantle of Wizardry
This cape is not only a symbol of a powerful mage, but it provides good Magic Resistance, which makes it especially useful in combat against Mages.

Chain Mail
A piece of armor, woven of metal rings.
• +1 to Defense
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Cost: 3400
Chain mail is lighter than common armor, but it provides less defense, especially from thrusting weapons and arrows.

Cloak of Shadows
The short cloak of dark-gray color, with an elegant runic ligature on its edge.
• -15% enemy Attack (-30% enemy Attack during nighttime combat)
Type: Armor
Race: Undead
Cost: 55000
Some time ago this cloak was the most valuable relic in the Thieves Guild, until it was... stolen. Created from fog with the help of long-lost spells, this cloak hides its owner in shadow, making him almost invisible.

The full set includes two items: the Cloak of Shadows and the Vampire Ring. In combination, this awards +5 to the Defense and Attack of Vampires.

Cloak of Wizardry
A many-colored magic cloak.
• +5 to Mana
• +10% to Magic Resistance
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 6000
Upgraded To: Cape of Wizardry
Such a cloak, along with the Mage's Staff, is an essential item of every self-respecting mage. The cloak provides Magic Resistance and increases the magic reserves of its wearer.

Dragon Cloak
The amazing cloak of the Dragon.
• +20% to base Defense
• +15% to the Power of combat spells
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Cost: 37000
The cloak is made of virr-spiders' web. This web not only provides good protection, but has a unique ability to amplify magic.

Healer's Jacket
A light jacket, decorated with embroidered runes.
• +2 to Defense
• +1 to Intellect
• +20% Poison Resistance
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Cost: 14000
The runes embroidered on the jacket's seams protect its owner from injury and neutralize poison as well.

Knight's Cuirass
Steel knight armor.
• +4 to Defense
• +1 Morale bonus for Knights, Horsemen, Swordsmen, and Guardsmen
Type: Armor
Race: Humans
Cost: 21000
This is strong armor, with a regal emblem shining on its chest. The presence of a noble knight on the battlefield encourages warriors.

The complete set of Knight's armor consists of the Tournament Helmet, Knight's Cuirass, Knight's Boots, Knight's Sword and Knight's Shield. It allows the hero to hire 20% more Swordsmen, Guardsmen, Horsemen and Knights.

Leather Armor
Ordinary armor made of tanned leathers.
• +1 to Defense
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Cost: 3600
A durable leather jacket made of a double layer of tanned leather. Protects from the strokes of blunt and slicing weapons.

Light Armor
A suit of light leather armor.
• +2 to Defense
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Cost: 6500
Steel plates are sewn into this leather jacket, protecting the owner from blows and stabs.

Mantle of Wizardry
A multi-colored mantle.
• +20 to Mana
• +30% to Magic Resistance
Use: For crystals (6 pcs.) improves its attitude
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 35000
Upgraded From: Cape of Wizardry
This rainbow-colored mantle is the garb of a high-ranking mage. Besides excellent Magic Resistance, this mantle provides its owner additional magic energy reserves.

If the owner of the mantle is not a mage, it will be difficult for him to control it. The living item is very cautious when it chooses its owner.

Scaly Armor
Armor made of strong bronze plates.
• +3 to Defense
Type: Armor
Race: Humans
Cost: 11000
Bronze plates, sewn onto a leather jacket like scales, provide good protection from both sword and arrow.

Silver Chain Mail
Chain mail, woven from silver rings.
• +2 to Defense
• + 15% to Resistance against attacks of Undead creatures
Type: Armor
Race: Elves
Cost: 8000
This light silver chain mail is made by the elves, who often fight with the undead. It is known that the undead are afraid of silver, the touch of which is very painful for them.

The full set includes the Elven Crown, Elven Bow, Silver Chain Mail, and Silver Horn, and gives +1 Morale bonus to Elves.

Slippery Cuirass
A light steel (and slippery!) cuirass.
+2 to Defense
+10% Physical Damage Resistance
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Cost: 8000
This polished steel cuirass protects its owner from physical damage.

Steam Armor
A suit of mechanical dwarven armor.
• +30% to Defense
• +30% to Attack
• -1 to Speed
Special: Has a special influence on short humanoid warriors.
Type: Armor
Race: Dwarves
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 85000
This is more a complex mechanism than a standard suit of armor. It not only provides good protection, but increases the power of its owner's physical attacks.

Note that if you use the Steam Armor for a long period of time, the mechanism can get worn out.

Sun Cloak
A snow-white cloak adorned with the golden symbol of the sun.
• +2 to Intellect
• +100 Leadership
Type: Armor
Race: Humans
Cost: 9000
These cloaks were worn by the priests of the Temple of Light, and then by paladins as well, although they wore them without the symbol of the sun.

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