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Banner of Heroism
The banner with an attacking griffin depicted on it.
• +300 Leadership
• +1 to Initiative for all troops of level 1-3
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 24000
The attacking griffin is a symbol of fearlessness and justice. However, the creator of this banner did not rely upon the symbol only, and had embroidered several runes of fearlessness on the banner as well.

Banner of True Faith
The banner of the Order of Paladins.
• +4 to Defense
• +800 Leadership
• -1 to the Morale of Undead allies
Use: Gives 10 Mind Runes after 50 victories
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 60000
Created and enchanted by priests of the Order of Paladins during the times of the Necromancers Revolt, this banner gives to warriors of Light the strength and a confidence of faith.

Bloody Band
A silk band covered with dirty blood spots.
• +8 to Rage
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 17000
It is believed that the wounded general Karador tore this band from his head, bound it to a spear, and raised the band instead of his army's flag, which had been burned by a spell. And this bloody band, flying in the wind, became the new banner of the victorious army of general Karador, the greatest general and defender of all Darion.

Paired with the Tactics Treatise, together these two items give the hero an additional +5% of combat Experience.

Colonel's Baton
The silver baton of a colonel.
• +500 Leadership
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 22000
Upgraded From: Officer's Baton
Upgraded To: General's Baton
The silver baton of a commander is noticeable from afar due to special spells which distinguish the commander among common warriors and other officers. The downside is that enemy snipers like to favor commanders especially.

General's Baton
A silver baton, decorated with a ruby.
• +750 Leadership
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 32000
Upgraded From: Colonel's Baton
Upgraded To: Marshal's Baton
The enchanted ruby which decorates the baton, allows a general to remain in contact his officers and to keep track of events on the battlefield. Thus, the General's Baton is a very useful and valuable artifact.

Golden Feather
The golden feather of the king of Griffins.
• +1 to the Speed of Griffins and to all level 1 creatures
Type: Regalia
Race: Neutral
Cost: 23000
Griffins and low level creatures, inspired by this symbol, go swiftly into action.

Griffin's Banner
The banner of the royal griffin embroidered in gold.
• -30% to the Leadership of Griffins
Type: Regalia
Race: Neutral
Cost: 7000
This banner was presented to the griffin Arch, the commander of the victorious army of griffins, as a gift for his great service to Darion during the Revolt of Necromancers.
The young griffin Arch had become famous among his kinsmen, and the banner had became a symbol of the valor and talent of the commander.

Iron Tooth
An artificial tooth, made of a solid silvery metal.
• +20 Leadership
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 800
Nobody knows to whom this tooth once belonged, but it seems that its owner loved to fight.

Marshal's Baton
A golden baton, decorated with jewels and pearls.
• +1000 Leadership
• +1 Morale to humans
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 65000
Upgraded From: General's Baton
In contrast to the enchanted baton of the general, marshal's baton does not contain any magic. However, the firm belief of the army in their marshal is so high that the presence of their marshal on the battlefield heartens his warriors to great feats of arms, even without magic.

Officer's Baton
The ordinary baton of a commander.
• +250 Leadership
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 8000
Upgraded To: Colonel's Baton
The bronze baton, decorated with a silver knob, is the symbol of a combat officer.

Pirate's Flag
The pirate's banner cast fears into the hearts of merchant sailors.
• +3 to the Attack of Pirates and Robbers
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 7500
By raising this flag, you risk the repute of a pirate. However, all criminals will be happy to see the old Jolly Roger.""

Salamander Banner
A piece of salamander skin.
• +20% to Fire Protection
Type: Regalia
Race: Demons
Cost: 42000
Demons often use banners made of the skin of living creatures. The unusual properties of the salamander skin protect the army from Fire Attacks. It's a very useful banner for the demon, clans of which often fight terrible incendiary wars.

Sign of Rage
A stripe in the shape of animal's head with ruby eyes.
• +5 to Rage
Use: Gives 20 to Rage
Charges: 10
Type: Regalia
Race: Neutral
Cost: 8000
The stripe, filled with Rage, endows its wearer with battle insanity and indifference to pain.

The complete set includes the Spear of Rage, the Sign of Rage, and the Rage Predator. In combination this gives an additional +10 to Rage.

Sign of the Diplomat
A badge in the form of a pigeon.
• +200 Leadership
• +10% to the Power of "Peacefulness"
Scrolls: Peacefulness
Quantity: 1
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 7500
The royal sign of diplomatic service arouses an unaccountable sympathy for its bearer.
Having killed the keeper you can take the scroll hidden inside.

Silver Horn
This elegant silver horn was made by an ancient elven craftsman.
• +1 to the Initiative of Elves
• -1 to the Morale of Dwarves
Type: Regalia
Race: Elves
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 15000
This silver horn had been leading the armies of elves into combat during their 300-year war against the dwarves. Hearing the sound of this horn, the elves bravely go into combat, and their dwarven enemies suffer some loss of courage.

From its creator, this living instrument absorbed hatred towards dwarves, and the love towards the protectors of the elven forests.

The complete set includes the Elven Crown, Elven Bow, Silver Mail, and Silver Horn. It gives a +1 Morale bonus to Elves.

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