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"Well of Mana" Belt
A magical belt, decorated with a sapphire.
• +20% to Mana recovery
• +3 to Mana every turn during combat
Use: Recovers points to Mana to maximum
Charges: 3
Type: Belt
Race: Humans
Cost: 21000
It is in fact the sapphires, naturally imbued with magic energy, which are called Wells of Mana." This magic energy can be used by mages when their own power runs out."

Adherent's Staff
An adherent's staff, decorated with runic symbols.
• +2 to Intellect
• +10% to Damage from lightning
Type: Weapon
Race: Humans
Cost: 6000
Upgraded From: Disciple Staff
Upgraded To: Archmage's Staff
The staff of a mage-apprentice can be a dangerous weapon in skillful hands. Combat spells cast with help of the staff inflict increased damage. The most effective spell is Lightning" - a popular battle spell."

Ancient Amulet
An amulet in the form of a twisted metal ribbon.
• +4 to Intellect
• +15 to Mana
Use: Gives 10 Magic Runes after 50 victories
Type: Artifact
Race: Humans
Cost: 50000
Such amulets were created by the mages in the days of the old empire, to increase their magical abilities. Even a mediocre mage can cast very powerful spells with the help of these Amulets. Unfortunately, in modern times, the secret of their creation has been lost.

Anga's Ruby
The ring holds an amazingly beautiful ruby.
• +300 Leadership
• +3 to Attack, Defense, Initiative, Speed, and Morale to all she-fighters
Type: Artifact
Race: Humans
Cost: 80000
It's a very beautiful and expensive thing. You could sell it for good money.

Archmage's Staff
The staff is made of blue rock crystal, and glows with magical energy.
• +5 to Intellect
• +20% to Damage from lightning
Type: Weapon
Race: Humans
Cost: 76000
Upgraded From: Adherent's Staff
Such staves are granted to those mages who achieve great success in the study of the magical arts, as a symbol of their high status and great magic power. In hands of a mage, such a staff is a fierce weapon, which amplifies combat spells and the duration of magic effects.

An unusual magical item, it is willful and dislikes fighting.

Banner of Heroism
The banner with an attacking griffin depicted on it.
• +300 Leadership
• +1 to Initiative for all troops of level 1-3
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 24000
The attacking griffin is a symbol of fearlessness and justice. However, the creator of this banner did not rely upon the symbol only, and had embroidered several runes of fearlessness on the banner as well.

Banner of True Faith
The banner of the Order of Paladins.
• +4 to Defense
• +800 Leadership
• -1 to the Morale of Undead allies
Use: Gives 10 Mind Runes after 50 victories
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 60000
Created and enchanted by priests of the Order of Paladins during the times of the Necromancers Revolt, this banner gives to warriors of Light the strength and a confidence of faith.

Battle Shield
An iron-clad shield with sharp spikes.
• +2 to Defense
• +1 to Attack
Type: Shield
Race: Humans
Cost: 9500
A wooden shield, covered with metal and furnished with sharp spikes. Skilled warriors use it for both defense and attack.

Battle-Mage Helmet
A bright leather helmet, decorated with magical symbols.
• +3 to Intelligence
• +1 to Defense
Type: Helmet
Race: Humans
Cost: 18000
This light and comfortable helmet is designed specifically for battle mages.

Bloody Band
A silk band covered with dirty blood spots.
• +8 to Rage
Type: Regalia
Race: Humans
Cost: 17000
It is believed that the wounded general Karador tore this band from his head, bound it to a spear, and raised the band instead of his army's flag, which had been burned by a spell. And this bloody band, flying in the wind, became the new banner of the victorious army of general Karador, the greatest general and defender of all Darion.

Paired with the Tactics Treatise, together these two items give the hero an additional +5% of combat Experience.

Boots of the Mystic
High boots with runes embroidered upon them.
• +2 Intellect
• +1 to Power of "Slow" and "Haste" spells
Type: Boots
Race: Humans
Cost: 15000
These unusual boots are quite popular among mage-travelers. It is thanks to runes depicted upon them that these boots allow the wearer to travel long distances and cast spells to hasten travel.

Bronze Ring
A rough bronze ring, covered with runes.
• +5 to Mana
Type: Artifact
Race: Humans
Cost: 6500
Upgraded To: Silver Ring
Runic etchings turn an ordinary ring into a weak source of magical energy.

An ordinary wooden shield.
• +1 to Defense
Type: Shield
Race: Humans
Cost: 3200
A round oak shield, covered with leather and strengthened with metal strips. It's a good choice for the simple warrior.

Cart Wheel
An ordinary wheel off of a cart.
• +2 to Defense
• -1 to Intellect
Type: Shield
Race: Humans
Cost: 850
The person who always carries around a huge cart wheel, looks like a crazy man. However, this wheel can protect you against the strikes of sword or hammer!

Champion Belt
An exact copy of the knight's tournament champion belt.
Type: Belt
Race: Humans
Cost: 8000
Even though it is a copy of the knight's tournament champion belt, it looks very elaborate and well-constructed.

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