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Ale Barrel
A potbellied beer barrel.
• +1 to Morale of allied Dwarves
Type: Artifact
Race: Dwarves
Cost: 6000
The person who created this barrel had a good sense of humor, and the form of this inspiring artifact was chosen not without purpose. Everyone knows that nothing invigorates and gladdens dwarves more than a gulp of a fresh ale!

The is item combined with the Telescopic Sight gives a +30% chance of Critical Attack to all archers.

Ancient Amulet
An amulet in the form of a twisted metal ribbon.
• +4 to Intellect
• +15 to Mana
Use: Gives 10 Magic Runes after 50 victories
Type: Artifact
Race: Humans
Cost: 50000
Such amulets were created by the mages in the days of the old empire, to increase their magical abilities. Even a mediocre mage can cast very powerful spells with the help of these Amulets. Unfortunately, in modern times, the secret of their creation has been lost.

Anga's Ruby
The ring holds an amazingly beautiful ruby.
• +300 Leadership
• +3 to Attack, Defense, Initiative, Speed, and Morale to all she-fighters
Type: Artifact
Race: Humans
Cost: 80000
It's a very beautiful and expensive thing. You could sell it for good money.

Book of Beast Rage
The book is covered in leather and closed with a bear-claw clasp.
• +3 to Rage
Type: Artifact
Race: Elves
Cost: 3000
Pages of the book are covered with strange runes of bloody-red. The runic language is entirely alien to you, but after peering at the strange runes, you begin to feel the fury of causeless rage.

Bronze Ring
A rough bronze ring, covered with runes.
• +5 to Mana
Type: Artifact
Race: Humans
Cost: 6500
Upgraded To: Silver Ring
Runic etchings turn an ordinary ring into a weak source of magical energy.

Cyclops Eye
A big stone eye.
• +4 to Defense
Scrolls: Stone Skin (in exchange for 2 crystals)
Quantity: 10
Type: Artifact
Race: Neutral
Cost: 22000
This artifact could be taken for real cyclops's eye by mistake, but it is only a stone carved in the same shape. The Eye" was created to protect its owner

Dead Skull
The skull of a necromancer which has lost all its vital energy.
• +5 to Attack
• +5 to Intellect
Type: Artifact
Race: Undead
Cost: 95000
Upgraded From: Pain Skull
The necromancer's soul has left the skull, and now the sinister artifact has gained its full force, having ceased absorbing magical energy from its owner.

Dragon Necklace
A necklace made of dragon teeth.
• +3 to Attack
• +2 to Defense
• +1 to Intellect
Type: Artifact
Race: Neutral
Cost: 100000
Upgraded From: Dragon Tooth
Thanks to the amazing properties of dragon fangs, the owner of such necklace obtains considerable power, both magical and physical.

Dragon Tooth
An amulet made of dragon teeth.
Use: Unites 5 dragon teeth into the Dragon Necklace
Type: Artifact
Race: Neutral
Cost: 1000
Upgraded To: Dragon Necklace
You can assemble several dragon teeth into a necklace.

Eye of the Storm
A transparent crystal sphere which entraps a whirlwind.
• -1 Speed penalty to flying and soaring enemy creatures
Type: Artifact
Race: Demons
Cost: 40000
Demon-mages somehow managed to confine a strange natural phenomenon in this sphere. This artifact disallows flying and soaring creatures from flying through the battlefield.

Flame Necklace
A necklace with a golden symbol in the form of a flame.
• +15% to Power of Fire spells
Type: Artifact
Race: Demons
Cost: 20000
Demons are the creatures who have come closest to subduing the element of Fire. This ring, forged by demons, increases the power of Fire spells.

Golden Ring
An elegant golden ring, decorated with a large ruby.
• +15 to Mana
Type: Artifact
Race: Humans
Cost: 30000
Upgraded From: Silver Ring
The person who created this ring was a real master of enchantment. He managed to create a very powerful source of magic energy in the form of a little golden ring, even without using runes, which are commonly used to channel the natural magic of jewels.

Image of Fear
This picture inspires the enemies with fear.
• -3 to the Attack of enemies
Type: Artifact
Race: Humans
Cost: 16600
Seeing this picture, the enemy feels nervous and ill-at-ease.

Image of Sorcery
This picture increases magic power of its owner.
• +20 to Mana
Type: Artifact
Race: Humans
Cost: 50000
The magical symbols expressed in this picture attract Mana flows.

Inspirational Image
This picture inspires troops to great feats.
• +1 to Attack
Type: Artifact
Race: Humans
Cost: 5000
The picture was painted using a special technique, which increases the ferocity of troops.

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