Silverstar of Selune
Selune is often called the Moonmaiden for her connection to the silver moon that orbits Faerun. She is the goddess of the moon and travelers. Her priests, called Silverstars, travel far and wide to help the oppressed and explore lost places. Silverstars are known for their open-minded tolerance and their hatred of bigotry.

Alignments: Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Chatoic Neutral

  • Selune's Freedom 1/day (Freedom of Movement that lasts 1 round/level)

  • Moon Shield 1/day (grants a +3 bonus to spell resistance that lasts 1 round/level)

  • Domain Spells:
    • 1st: Faerie Fire, Sanctuary
    • 2nd: Moon Motes, Alicorn Lance
    • 3rd: Moonblade, Protection From Fire
    • 4th: Emotion: Rage, Ghost Armor
    • 5th: Wall of Moonlight, Undead Ward
    • 6th: Antimagic Shell, Divine Shell
    • 7th: Planar Binding: Air Elemental, Planar Binding: Water Elemental
    • 8th: Planar Binding: Fire Elemental, Planar Binding: Earth Elemental
    • 9th: Prismatic Spray, Elemental Legion