Demarch of Mask
The Lord of Shadows, Mask, is the god of thieves and shadows. His servants, the Demarchs, often help small bands of thieves in their efforts. Many can be found as advisors in thieves' guilds. They are known for their deceptive nature and their avarice.

Alignments: True Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil

  • Free Blind-Fight feat

  • +1 bonus to Hide, Move Silently, and Pick Pockets

  • Domain spells:
    • 1st: Minor Mirror Image, Sleep
    • 2nd: Blindness, Blur
    • 3rd: Mirror Image, Invisibility Sphere
    • 4th: Emotion: Despair, Improved Invisibility
    • 5th: Shadow Monsters, Unholy Blight
    • 6th: Greater Shadow Conjuration, Phantom Blade
    • 7th: Shades, Soul Eater
    • 8th: Mass Invisibility, Blasphemy
    • 9th: Black Blade of Disaster, Executioner's Eyes