Morninglord of Lathander
Lathander the Morninglord is the god of dawn and renewal. His priests, who share his title, can be found around the world helping communities grow and rebuild after times of trouble. Morninglords are known for their kindness and optimism.

Alignments: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, True Neutral

  • Improved Turning Feat (free)

  • Lathander's Renewal 1/day (cures 2x cleric level in hit points)

  • Domain spells:
    • 1st: Sunscorch, Faerie Fire
    • 2nd: Lesser Restoration, Bull's Strength
    • 3rd: Agannazar's Scorcher, Negative Energy Protection
    • 4th: Shield of Lathander, Holy Smite
    • 5th: Flame Strike, Raise Dead
    • 6th: Heal, Fire Storm
    • 7th: Greater Restoration, Sunbeam
    • 8th: Aura of Vitality, Resurrection
    • 9th: Meteor Swarm, Mass Heal