A paladin is a warrior bold and pure, a paragon of virtue. Like the fighter, the paladin is a man of combat. However, the paladin lives for the ideals of righteousness, justice, honesty, piety and chivalry. He strives to be a living example of these virtues so that others might learn from him as well as gain by his actions. Motivated by a higher purpose the paladins of Icewind Dale do not accept monetary gain for their just deeds.

Important Attribute(s): Charisma, Strength, Wisdom

Hit Points per level: 1d10

Class Features: Lay on Hands, Turn Undead, Spell Casting, Charisma modifier added to AC, Immunity to Diseases, Smite Evil, ability to project an Aura of Courage.

Restrictions: Paladins must be of lawful good alignment.

  • Proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor, heavy armor and shields.

  • Adds Charisma modifier to all saving throws.

  • Paladins may use Lay On Hands 1/day. Lay on Hands heals the target for a number of hit points equal to twice the paladin's level.

  • Paladins are immune to all forms of disease.

  • 1st level: Smite Evil. Once per day, the paladin my now attempt to smite evil with one normal melee attack. He adds his Charisma modifier (if positive) to his attack roll and deals 1 extra point of damage per level.

  • 2nd level: Aura of Courage. Paladins become immune to fear and allies within 10 feet receive a bonus of +4 to saving throws against fear effects.

  • 3rd level: Remove Disease. The paladin gains the ability to remove disease from other characters a number of times per day equal to his level divided by three.

  • 3rd level: Turn Undead. When this power is invoked, the paladin attempts to use the power of his deity to terrify a group of undead. The higher the paladin's level and Charisma are, the greater his/her chance of success is. Though this ability is similar to the cleric's Turn Undead ability, the paladin's ability functions as though he/she were two levels lower than a cleric.

  • 4th level: Spell casting. Paladins gain the ability to cast minor cleric spells.
A paladin must choose between three orders upon beginning the game:

Paladin of Ilmater
Paladins of Ilmater venerate the god of suffering. They willingly take the most horrible wounds in any battle just to prevent the suffering of others. They are typically knows for their humility.
Special Order Ability: Can multiclass to Painbearer of Ilmater (cleric) without loosing the ability to advance in the paladin class.

Paladin of Helm
Paladins of Helm follow the teachings of the god of guardians. They are dedicated to defending the weak and protecting important places against assault.
Special Order Ability: Can multiclass to fighter without losing the ability to advance in the paladin class.

Paladin of Mystra
Paladins of Mystra insure that the powers of the goddess of magic are not used for evil. They seek out evil spellcasters all over Faerun for protection of civilization and to protect benign wizards from the repercussions of irresponsible magic use.
Special Order Ability: Can multiclass to wizard without losing the ability to advance in the paladin class.