Telos Telos suffered greatly at the hands of the Sith during the Jedi Civil War, the target of heavy bombardment by the Sith fleet. In the past few years, the Republic has started a planetary recovery effort, which it hopes will one day return the dead planet to its former beauty.

Orbiting Telos is the enormous Citadel Station, where the Ithorians spearheading the planet's recovery carefully monitor and manipulate the ecology of the planet's surface. Workers and refugees are housed in sparse apartments. Most work the docking bays or comprise the station's live-in security force. Leisure time is spent at one of the Citadel's many cantinas. For the few workers who help the restoration effort directly, shuttles transport them to the planet below.

A complex shield network divides the surface of the planet into restoration zones, where flora and fauna from across the galaxy-including dangerous wild beasts like the cannok from the jungle moon of Dxun-are introduced under controlled conditions. Beyond these lush, protected areas, vast swathes of barren wasteland cover much of the planet's surface, a testament to the destruction the once beautiful Telos has endured.