Korriban Korriban is the ancient homeworld of the Sith, for centuries a haunting ground for the fallen Sith Lords. Rediscovered by Revan and Malak, it became the nexus for the new Sith Empire. In the power vacuum that followed Malak's defeat, the Sith who remained on Korriban turned on each other. When the Republic mustered a force to investigate the planet, they found it transformed into a mausoleum, littered with Sith corpses.

During their short occupancy of Korriban, the resident Sith plundered the planet's tombs and overturned its soil in search of powerful relics left behind from the Sith Empire's Golden Age. A few of Korriban's secrets remain. The planet's power is so malignant, however, that anyone attempting to unlock them risks succumbing to the dark side.