Dxun Dxun is the largest moon in the Onderon system, its impenetrable jungles choked with dense foliage and constantly assaulted by storms. The beasts that roam the planet's surface are some of the most vicious predators in the galaxy; many explorers have vanished not long after setting foot on Dxun soil. Craters and wreckage from the Mandalorian Wars lie hidden under the forest canopy, as well as the ravaged corpses of thousands of Republic soldiers who perished during their final assault on the planet.

Dxun and Onderon are almost sister planets. They even share a bit of the same atmosphere. A brief shuttle hop is all it takes to travel from one planet to the other. There have been rumors of Sith activity in the area recently, and it appears to be centralized near some ancient structures deep within the jungle. This area is believed to be extremely dangerous.