Dantooine The destruction of the Jedi Enclave by Darth Malak's fleet during the Jedi Civil War left deep scars on the land of Dantooine - and in the hearts of its peaceful settlers. Many who once celebrated the Jedi now blame them for the sorrows that have befallen them since the disappearance of the Order. The Enclave was the only thing that kept Dantooine in the Republic's eye; without it, virtually all Republic assistance has been cut off.

The only trace of civilization remaining is the Khoonda Plains, a small settlement built atop one of the old estates near the ruins of the Enclave. Facing economic collapse, administrator Terena Adare found an unlikely method of supporting the colony-salvage. Opportunists have flocked to Dantooine in the hopes of finding fortune in the rubble, and their greed has brought them into conflict with the settlers. Even worse, a mercenary faction recently arrived on the planet for reasons unknown; the situation is in danger of erupting into violence. The paltry Dantooine militia can barely protect the settlements against marauding beasts, much less a well-orchestrated mercenary assault.