Peragus II
Peragus II When travelers speak of Peragus, they're usually referring to the Peragus Mining Colony, a labyrinthine industrial facility hollowed out of an asteroid archipelago orbiting Peragus II. Decades ago, a mining accident detonated a portion of the planet's surface and ejected it into space. A geyser of molten matter from deep within the planet's interior followed, hardening in the freezing vacuum of space and chaining the explosion debris together like a bracelet, forming the archipelago. The asteroids' geosynchronous orbit makes the scarred planetary remains appear to hover in suspended animation over the gaping wound in Peragus II's surface. It's a unique phenomenon in the charted galaxy.

Now considered part of Republic space, the gas mining operations on Peragus II were originally established by a group of merchants and tradesmen who supplied the battle lines of the Republic during the Sith War against Exar Kun. After the surface facility was destroyed, it was cautiously rebuilt in the asteroids, and strict safety protocols remain in effect. Blasters and explosives are prohibited. Anything that might trigger an explosion is banned without exception. Pergaus is one of the only suppliers of shipping-grade fuel to the outer regions of Republic space. The smallest explosion could initiate a chain reaction that would destroy the entire facility, with grave consequences to the Republic.