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This suit of Mercykiller armor apparently has been standing here in the prison under Curst for some years. It has not been disturbed, which is strange, considering how very quick the people of Curst are to seek a profit.

You'll find Vhailor in the northeast section of the Curst Prison. If you avoid talking about your previous run-in with Vhailor, the suit of armor will offer to join your party.

Starting Equipment:

Final Judgment
Vhailor's Mercykiller Armor


I am Vhailor. I am a Mercykiller. I am justice.

It is my past. It is my present. It is my future.

All who are guilty shall be punished. I shall not rest until the sentences of the condemned have been carried out.

Mercy is for the weak. Punishment breaks souls and makes them worthy of service to their superiors. When the number of martyrs is great enough, rebellion crumbles.

Know this, and know my heart: There is only one truth in the multiverse. The multiverse shall be sharpened upon the blade of justice. With justice as its whetstone, the multiverse shall achieve perfection.

NPC Conversations:

Vhailor is the source of several important conversations. Here's a list of the most rewarding dialogue:
  • If you have a Wisdom of 18+ when you initially encounter Vhailor, you can recall his name ("Vhailor?") for 60,000 experience points.

  • Simply getting Vhailor to join your party is worth 90,000 experience points.

  • If you have a charisma of 21+, you can disagree with him ("Mercy is strength...") and either convince him that justice is meaningless or that his cause is impossible due to all the people he cannot convict. Vhailor will then cease to exist and you'll earn 90,000 experience points. If you follow this conversation with a charisma lower than 21, Vhailor will attack you.

  • Ask him how he serves justice and follow this to recover a memory of imprisoning him to earn 90,000 experience points. This conversation opens up when you ask Vhailor to judge you, stop him from judging Annah, or ask him to judge himself.

  • Ask him how he died and persist in questioning to cause him to cease to exist and gain 12,000 experience points.

  • If you are a fighter of lawful alignment, you can ask Vhailor how to use the axe. He will judge you, and:

      - With a law rating of 14, you will be granted a +1 bonus to strength, a +1 bonus to damage, and 90,000 experience points.

      - With a law rating of 15-24, you will be granted a +2 bonus to strength, a +2 bonus to damage, and 120,000 experience points.

      - With a law rating of 25+, you will be granted a +3 bonus to strength, a +3 bonus to damage, and 150,000 experience points.

  • In the final battle, raising Vhailor and telling him of the injustice done by you and The Transcendent One will increase his strength, dexterity, and constitution to 25 and grant him 2,000,000 experience points.