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Annah is a tiefling, a brash girl on the brink of womanhood. Her tail lashes when she's angry. She's a canny guttersnipe, and the Hive seems to be a second skin for her.

You'll have the opportunity to recruit Annah during your visit to Pharod's Court in the Buried Village. After you've found the Bronze Sphere for Pharod and have inquired about the location of your body when Pharod found you, Annah will offer to join your party.

Starting Equipment:

Annah's Punch Daggers
Annah's Vest
Chained-Teeth Earrings


Aye, now what yeh be wantin' to know about me for? Are yeh jest bored? It's not some grand tale, it isn't, so if yeh're expecting some epic yeh'd best go rattle yer bone-box at someone else, jig?

I seen the way yeh look at me tail -- if it'll keep yeh're eyes to yerself, then I'll tell yeh where it came from: it's a blessing from me Grand Da... or me Grand Ma, whichever o' them was the fiend. I'm a tiefling, so I am, with just enough of the demon blood in me to sprout this tail outta me back. That blood trickled its way from me Grand Ma n' Grand Da to me... after passing through me own Ma an Da, whoever they were.

Pharod? Me Da? Ha! Ol' stutter-crutch isn't me Da -- not me real one anyway. He just fostered me, he did, dragged me outta the Hive and brought inta his stable.

Don't get him wrong by thinkin' he had a kind bone in his body... he wasn't shedding no tear for me bein' an orphan -- he just needed someone to scarp deaders off the streets of the Hive, an' I'm small enough so I can get inta places his other boys can't. Plus, most of the gullies in his pack are wee boys with the fear in 'em, so I end up finding most of the deaders in places they're too ascared to look. The Dusties pay a nice bit of copper for the deadies I bring 'em, and Pharod don't take so much off the top that it leaves me a beggar, so he's not so bad, I spose.

Enough of yer questions. Now I got some things to say ta YEH, I do.

I seen the way yeh act, an' yeh need to be told some things if we're goin' to be travelin' together... first -- don't go flappin' your bone-box and locking eyes with everyone yeh meet. That's a sure street to trouble, it is. An' don't be takin' no one's name in vain or yeh'll be attracting the worst sort of attention, and right quick, too.

An' one last thing. Don't be thinkin' yeh can treat me like a cobblestone, neither -- yeh start doin' that, an' I'll take these blades an' carve yeh, I will.

Me blades? Aye, these dags are mine. I like these punch dags, I do -- yeh can keep yer axes n' hammers n' clubs -- these dags are more me style. Yeh just behave yerself, an' yeh won't be wearing 'em, aye?

NPC Conversations:

Annah is the source of several important conversations. Here's a list of the most rewarding dialogue:
  • Ask her what she was doing looking for bodies in the alley, then ask her why she has to lie about it. She will tell you that she was drawn there for 2500 experience points.

  • Ask her what she found on your body when she happened upon it in the alley for a Ring of the Traveler.

  • Ask her about Pharod until she tells you why he was searching for the Bronze Sphere to earn 2500 experience points.

  • After you meet Ravel, follow the conversation threads until you get to kiss Annah. This will give her a +5% bonus to both Fire and Magic Fire Resistance.

  • If you have at least 50 points allocated to any thieving ability, you can train Annah in that particular area. Each time you train her, she'll receive 1000 experience points and a +3 bonus to that thieving ability. You can do this several times, but she will not receive more than 4000 experience points.