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Morte is a talking skull. His sole weapon seems to be his mouth, whether by taunting or biting. He seems to be along for the ride, whether you want him around or not.

You are somewhat curious as to how he is able to float around.

Morte will join your party at the very beginning of the game, right after the Nameless One awakes in the Mortuary.

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Of course you got questions about me -- you probably have questions about ALL sorts of things. Let me boil it down for you: when you've been as dead as long as I have... without arms, legs, or anything else, you spend a lot of time thinking, y'know? I figure it's been a few hundred years since I got penned in the dead book, but time doesn't really tally up the way it used to... without that mortality thing pressing down on you, all the days and nights kind of blend together. So you think about this, and you think about that... and the most important piece of wisdom I've learned over the past hundred or so years is this: There's a LOT more obscene gestures you can make with your eyes and your jaw than most people think. Without even resorting to insults or taunting, you can really light a bonfire under someone just with the right combination of eye movements and jaw clicking. Drives them barmy! If you ever get beheaded and your skin flayed from your skull, I'll show you how it's done. I got some real gems, chief -- they'd drive a deva to murder, they would.

I know what you're thinking: I'm dead. I've lost so much. It should have sobered me up to all that joy I missed, all those loves I've lost. Some people get all depressed about death -- they haven't TRIED it, of course -- but one thing they never seem to realize is how it changes your perspective on things; it really makes you take a second look at life, broaden your horizons. For me, it's pretty much made me realize how many dead chits are in this berg and how few sharp-tongued men like myself there are to go around -- you spin the wheel right, and your years of spending nights alone are over!

Shallow? I'm not shallow. I just don't get caught up in all that philosophy and faith and belief wash that every berk from Arborea to the Gray Waste rattle their jaws about. Who cares? The Planes are what they are, you're what you are, and if it changes, fine, but things aren't bad the way they are -- and I should know. Go on, ask me some questions about the Planes, or the chant, or the people, or the cultures -- when you end up like me -- without eyelids, that is -- you end up seeing a lot of things, and I can tell you almost everything you need to know.

It's like this: We're in this together, chief. Until this is over, I stick to your leg.

NPC Conversations:

Morte is the source of several important conversations. Here's a list of the most rewarding dialogue:
  • The first time you confront him about lying about the tattoos on your back you get 1000 experience points.

  • After you rescue him from Lothar, you can ask him about his new special ability (skull mob), but he will have it regardless of the conversation.

  • If you have talked with Fall-From-Grace about Morte and know about his baatorian smell, you can confront him about it for 12,000 experience points. This will eventually lead to the recovery of another memory for the Nameless One, which will earn you another 12,000 experience points. If you continue until he tells you of the Pillar of Skulls and then absolve him, you will get yet another 12,000 experience and Morte will receive a +4 bonus to strength, a +2 bonus to dexterity, and a +2 bonus to constitution.