Wizard Spells: Level 7
Concelhaut's Crushing Doom: A truly unique spell, Concelhaut's Crushing Doom summons an enormous magical hammer that repeatedly slams down into its target, doing Crush damage and knocking them Prone. The hammer strikes repeatedly, becoming larger, more accurate, and more dangerous each time.

Speed: Average

Range: 6m

Effect (Target): 20-30 Crush damage vs. Deflection, Prone for 3s vs. Reflex

Delayed Fireball: The wizard hurls out a tiny ball of flame that sits for a fixed amount of time before exploding for heavy Burn damage.

Speed: Fast

Range: 10m

Area of Effect: 2.5m Radius

Interrupt: 0.5s

Effect (AOE): 50-65 Burn damage vs. Reflex (+10 Accuracy)

Llengrath's Siphoning Image: Causes the caster to appear visually displaced, increasing their Deflection and Reflex for the duration. Additionally, many Deflection and Reflex attacks that score Hits will be converted to Grazes.

Speed: Fast

Effect (Caster): +40 Deflection, +30 Reflex, +50% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes (Deflection or Reflex only) for 45s

Effect (Characters Hitting Caster): 3-8 Raw Damage, -20 Deflection for 15s vs. Will

Llengrath's Warding Staff: This spell conjures a powerful quarterstaff that adds Deflection and pushes enemies away with a Hobbled effect on each successful attack. The summoning itself also pushes everyone (including allies) away from the caster.

Speed: Fast

Area of Effect: 5.0m Radius from Caster

Effect (AOE): 2.5m Push vs. Will (+10 Accuracy)

Effect (Caster): Summons Llengrath's Warding Staff for 30s

Ninagauth's Killing Bolt: This spell inflicts a heavy amount of Raw damage to the target. Any non-Spirit felled by the attack will summon a Spectre under the caster's control.

Speed: Slow

Range: 10m

Effect (Target): t5 Raw damage vs. Fortitude (+10 Accuracy)

Substantial Phantom: Substantial Phantom is an advanced version of Essential Phantom, creating an independent copy of the wizard that can cast a small set of low-level spells (Minoletta's Minor Missiles, Necrotic Lance, and Arduous Delay of Motion). Due to the advanced nature of the spell, the copy from Substantial Phantom is more durable than the copy from Essential Phantom.

Speed: Average

Range: 6m

Effect: Summons duplicate of Caster

Tayn's Chaotic Orb: Named for the eccentric Aedyran wizard Tayn, the chaotic orb bounces between a number of enemies, dealing damage and inflicting a variety of negative afflictions, including Petrified, Paralyzed, Weakened, Sickened, Stunned, and Blinded.

Speed: Average

Range: 10m +5m Jump

Area of Effect: Target + 5 Foe Jump Targets

Effect (Targets): 20-30 Crush damage vs. Deflection (+10 Accuracy), Petrified for 3s, Paralyzed for 4s, Weakened for 7s, Sickened for 8s, Stunned for 5s, Blinded for 6s vs. Will (+10 Accuracy)

Wall of Draining: Enemies passing through or standing in this wall will lose time from any of their timed beneficial status effects. For each second drained, the wizard gains duration on any beneficial status effects he or she has.

Speed: Average

Range: 12m

Area of Effect: 20m Wall

Duration: 30s

Effect (Foe AOE): Steals 4s duration from each beneficial effect vs. Will