Druid Spells: Level 8
Avenging Storm: The druid makes himself or herself into a conduit for the power of a storm. Any target they strike in melee, or who strikes them in melee, is attacked by a bolt of lightning.

Speed: Fast

Effect (Foe): 20-30 Shock Damage vs. Reflex, Stunned for 0.8s vs. Fortitude

Fire Stag: The druid coalesces tiny nature spirits into the form of a great stag made of flame. The stag leaves a trail of fire wherever it runs. The spirits inside can be made to disperse violently, destroying the stag but doing Fire or Pierce damage to anyone caught in the blast.

Speed: Slow

Range: 6m

Duration: 35s

Effect: Summons Stag

Tornado: Conjures a destructive vortex of wind that can launch people into the air, knock victims Prone, and inflict Crush damage on them.

Speed: Average

On Bounce: -50% Damage

Area of Effect: 30m Length, bounces up to 3 times

Interrupt: 0.5s

Effect (Target): 45-55 Crush Damage, Prone for 5s vs. Fortitude (+10 Accuracy)