Cipher Powers: Level 6
Amplified Wave: Manifests the target ally's mental strengths and projects them outward forcefully, causing a shockwave that inflicts Crush damage and knocks anyone in the area of effect Prone.

Requires: 60 Focus

Speed: Fast

Range: 6m

Area of Effect: Allied Target + 4.0m Radius

Effect (Foe AOE): 35-42 Crush Damage, Prone for 8s vs. Fortitude (+5 Accuracy)

Disintegration: Burns away the ethereal sinew that holds together the mind, body and soul of the target enemy, causing it to rapidly take Raw damage. Targets that have their Endurance reduced to 0 disintegrate into non-existence.

Requires: 60 Focus

Speed: Average

Range: 10m

Effect (Target): 240 Raw Damage over 15s vs. Fortitude (+10 Accuracy)

Mind Plague: Destroys an enemy's memory with calculated accuracy, Confusing and Dazing them before rapidly jumping to up to five other enemies.

Requires: 60 Focus

Speed: Average

Range: 10m + 8m Jumps

Area of Effect: Foe Target + 5 Jump Targets

Interrupt: 0.5s

Effect (Foe Targets): Dazed for 12s, Confused for 5s vs. Will (+5 Accuracy)