Druid Spells: Level 6
Conjure Greater Blight: Gathers an immense quantity of stray soul fragments and coalesces them into a Greater Flame, Wind, Rain or Earth Blight.

Speed: Slow

Range: 6m

Effect: Summons a Greater Rain Blight, Greater Wind Blight, Greater Earth Blight, or Greater Flame Blight

Garden of Life: Hastens Berath's Wheel, causing rejuvenating plants to spring up in the corpses of the fallen and heal allies in the area of effect.

Speed: Average

Range: 15m

Area of Effect: Target +5.0m Radius

Effect: Adds Endurance to allies

Rot Skulls: Creates rotting, disease-riddled skulls in the hand of the druid, acting as ranged weapons that cause Crush damage and apply a Disease-based Corrode area of effect that does damage over time.

Speed: Fast

Effect: Summons Rotting Skull weapons for 30s

Sunlance: Calls down a powerful lance of sunlight from the sky, inflicting Pierce and Burn damage upon a single target.

Speed: Average

Range: 20m

Interrupt: 0.5s

Effect: 40-50 Pierce damage vs. Deflection (+10 Accuracy)

Venombloom: Grows a beautiful but panic-inducing field of poisonous flowers that Frighten, Weaken and deal Raw damage over time to those in the area of effect.

Speed: Average

Range: 10m

Area of Effect: 2.5m Radius

AOE Duration: 15s

Effect: 10-15 Raw damage, Weakened for 3s, Frightened for 3s vs. Fortitude (+10 Accuracy)