Druid Spells: Level 7
Call to the Primordials: The druid pulls the raw spiritual energy of nature together into the physical forms of 2 or 3 random oozes and slimes.

Speed: Slow

Range: 6m

Effect: Summons 2-3 of Black Ooze, Swamp Slime, Frost Ooze

Nature's Bounty: All unoccupied quick slots in the party are filled with woundrous nectar that can be consumed for combat bonuses and healing.

Speed: Average

Area of Effect: 5.0m Radius from Caster

Effect (Allied AOE): Fills quick item slots with Nature's Bounty

Weather the Storm: The druid casts a powerful aegis against the forces of nature over his or her allies, granting large resistance to Burn, Corrode, Freeze, and Shock damage.

Speed: Average

Range: 5m

Area of Effect: 2.5m Radius

Effect (Allied AOE): +15 Damage Reduction (Burn, Corrode, Freeze, Shock) for 15s