Bestiary: Wicht
Name: Wicht (Level 1 Vessel)

Endurance: 27
Accuracy: 27
Damage: 12-17 Slash
DR: 0

  • Might 10
  • Constitution 8
  • Dexterity 17
  • Perception 12
  • Intellect 7
  • Resolve 11
  • Deflection 26
  • Reflex 38
  • Fortitude 17
  • Will 17
Upon the onset of Waidwen's Legacy, desperate families turned to animancers for help. Transferring a lost soul into a living body was out of the question (for most), since almost all such transplants result in an immediate Awakening of the transplanted soul. The soul would regain the memories of a previous life, rather than that of the recently-born child.

Animancers were pressed to come up with a quick solution, though they cautioned against such haste: if an animal soul were put into a soulless child's body, the child might gain awareness, instinct, and volition. It was suggested that, as animal souls possess less individual personality and memory than kith souls, the children might be able to grow into their new soul over time, and imprint over the weaker animal spirit -- thus developing into healthy children. Transplants were quickly performed throughout the Dyrwood, and tens of thousands of afflicted children underwent the process.

These children did seem to regain awareness and volition, and for a time the Saved children were believed to be cured. As they aged, however, it became clear that the Saved were not like other children. They held little understanding or concern for social norms, and often behaved strangely. Upon reaching adolescence, these differences began to manifest in physical changes of an entirely different kind from their maturing peers -- the children began to turn into wichts.

The first of these was an orlan adolescent. Having come of age, she sprouted bestial fangs, and acquired a feral appetite. Though her family attempted to hide her condition, she eventually butchered them in their beds, and escaped into the wilderness. Other Saved children soon followed, and vast numbers of broken families were forced to witness their childrens' transformation into ravening beasts.