Bestiary: Battery Priest (WM1)
Name: Battery Priest (Level 7 Vessel)

Endurance: 124
Accuracy: 45
Damage: 20-28 Pierce
DR: 6 (Slash 9, Crush 3, Corrode 3)

  • Might 13
  • Constitution 13
  • Dexterity 10
  • Perception 12
  • Intellect 13
  • Resolve 10
  • Deflection 33
  • Reflex 42
  • Fortitude 50
  • Will 44
  • Barbs of Condemnation
  • Divine Mark
  • Holy Radiance
  • Pillar of Faith
  • Restore Major Endurance
The fate of the dwarves of Durgan's Battery remained a mystery to scholars for two hundred years. What little was known indicated that the dwarves had been divided by a great disagreement among their komendants. They locked the doors of the Battery and never emerged again.

These skeletons are the size of dwarves, and the armor they wear was once of excellent quality, much like the legendary Durgan steel. Unlike most skeletons, they fight in organized battle formations. Their skill and discipline in battle make them formidable foes, as does their sturdy armor.