Bestiary: Unstable Construct (WM1)
Name: Unstable Construct (Level 9 Vessel)

Endurance: 132
Accuracy: 60
Damage: None
DR: 8 (Slash 10, Pierce 10, Shock 4)

  • Might 10
  • Constitution 10
  • Dexterity 20
  • Perception 16
  • Intellect 12
  • Resolve 14
  • Deflection 43
  • Reflex 76
  • Fortitude 44
  • Will 56
  • Self-Destruct
Wizards have experimented with constructs for centuries, but the process of transferring soul essence out of a living body and into something else -- be it stone, metal, or bone -- has always been a difficult one. As the body of research on the subject has grown -- thanks in large part to animancy -- methods have improved.

Yet transferring an intact soul -- one that retains personality, memory, and intelligence -- is harder still. Ethelmoer, the head of the Brackenbury Sanitarium in Defiance Bay, is one of the few successes. Proponents argue that perfecting this method would allow kith to extend their own lives without degenerating into fampyrs, guls, and other flesh-eating vessels. Others contend that the metallic monstrosities that fill clandestine animancy labs are more horrific still.

It's been estimated that, for every truly sentient construct, there are scores -- if not hundreds -- of maimed souls trapped in half-finished bodies.