Bestiary: Forge Guardian (WM1)
Name: Forge Guardian (Level 10 Vessel)

Endurance: 192
Accuracy: 64
Damage: 24-34 Slash
DR: 36 (Slash 20, Burn Immunity, Shock 33)

  • Might 17
  • Constitution 22
  • Dexterity 12
  • Perception 10
  • Intellect 12
  • Resolve 16
  • Deflection 58
  • Reflex 51
  • Fortitude 85
  • Will 63
  • Fiery Breath
  • Guarding Flames
  • Retaliatory Fire
When Durgan's Battery had nearly fallen, a final stand was made. Its best surviving craftsmen used the White Forge to create guardians made of their finest materials and most heroic souls. In the end, however, the Battery fell all the same.

Attempts to create artificial beings from metal, stone, and other materials substantially predate modern animancy, but advances in the science have taken constructs from rare, malfunction-prone automatons to semi-sentient beings that have become somewhat more commonplace in recent years. Malfunctions are less common, though the use of souls -- often from dubious sources -- does seem to increase the severity and violence of such episodes.

Because metal is frequently employed in their construction, constructs are often thought of as walking suits of armor, but this is a misnomer. Constructs are rarely empty shells -- more typically they are made of solid materials, or filled with clockwork mechanisms to aid with locomotion. More subtly, but perhaps more significantly to their creators, constructs are typically designed to be kith-like in both shape and function, and constructs with any semblance of personality are rare, companionship is one of the most cited motivations for building them.