Bestiary: Fampyr
Name: Fampyr (Level 8 Vessel)

Endurance: 384
Accuracy: 50
Damage: 25-43 Slash
DR: 10 (Burn 5, Freeze 15)

  • Might 18
  • Constitution 22
  • Dexterity 18
  • Perception 14
  • Intellect 13
  • Resolve 12
  • Deflection 58
  • Reflex 65
  • Fortitude 81
  • Will 51
Fampyrs are kith that have had their lives unnaturally extended. Though they retain most of a normal humanoid appearance, they are merely a few missed meals away from devolving into mindless monstrosities, and they know it. As fampyrs maintain individual personalities and memories, this morbid knowledge may manifest itself in a number of ways. Some may become reclusive and cautious, avoiding any threats that could prematurely weaken or destroy them, and others become outgoing hedonists, seeking to enjoy every pleasure the world has to offer while they can. Sooner or later, every fampyr (unless killed) will inevitably succumb to decay.

Because fampyrs require living essence in order to stay alive, and the blood of kith provides the richest and most immediate source of it, they are shunned by most civilized communities. As a result, fampyrs tend to live at the fringes of society, if they participate in it at all.