Race Tips
Argonians can breathe underwater, are immune to poison, and resistant to disease.

Bretons have more Magicka, and higher resistance to it, than other races.

Citizens of Skyrim, they are a tall and fair-haired people. Strong and hardy, Nords are famous for their resistance to cold. They are highly talented warriors.

Dark Elves are resistant to fire and also have the power of Ancestor Guardian, which summons a spirit to fight for them.

Each race has its own set of special abilities and powers.

Hailing from the province of Elsweyr, they are intelligent, quick, and agile. They make excellent thieves due to their natural agility and unmatched acrobatics skill. All Khajiit can see in the dark.

High Elves have the most Magicka, but are also damaged more by all types of magic.

Imperials have the Voice of the Emperor power and can charm others into liking them.

In addition to their quick and perceptive grasp of spellcraft, even the humblest of Bretons can boast a resistance to magical energies. They are particularly skilled at summoning and healing magic.

Khajiit have the Eye of Fear power, which makes others run in terror from them.

Nords are highly resistant to frost attacks, and they have a mighty Shield power which protects them like armor.

Orcs have a special Berserk power that temporarily increases their strength, fatigue and health, while draining their agility.

Redguards have the power of Adrenaline Rush, which allows them to run faster and take damage at increased levels.

The clanfolk of the Western Valenwood forests, also known as "Bosmer." Wood Elves are nimble and quick, making them good scouts and thieves, and there are no finer archers in all of Tamriel. Their ability to command simple creatures is well-known.

Wood Elves can command other creatures to fight for them with their Beast Tongue power.