General Tips
...So long as you and your descendants shall wear the Amulet of Kings, then shall this Dragonfire burn -- an eternal flame -- as a sign to all men and gods of our faithfulness...

Asking about rumors may lead you to great treasure.

Buy a house so you always have a place to sleep. There are houses for sale in each city.

Chorrol, Anvil, Kvatch, and Skingrad counties represent the heartland of western Cyrodiil, a region known as Colovia.

Eastern Cyrodiil is known as Nibenay. The peoples and styles of Bravil, Leyawiin, and the Imperial City are defined by Nibenese culture.

Fatigue affects how good you are at combat and magic. Actions like jumping and fighting will decrease your Fatigue.

Fill your soul gems by soul trapping creatures. You can also soul trap a creature you've summoned.

Honest merchants are not interested in stolen goods. Such items do not even appear in the list of goods you wish to sell.

How people feel about you affects how much information they will give you.

If a topic stays gold in conversation, the character has more to tell you, but only if they like you.

Increasing your major skills will increase your level.

Ingredients taken from plants will grow back after a few days.

Ingredients taken from plants will grow back in later months.

Joining a faction has great benefits. Everyone in your faction will like you more.

People don't like it when you talk to them with your weapon drawn.

People like you less when you make them an offer that they refuse.

People you barter with like you a little bit more each time you make a large transaction with them.

Purchase a horse to travel faster. You can find them at stables in any city.

Some creatures, like ghosts, are immune to normal weapons. Use a silver, daedric or magic weapon instead.

Though Nibenese in speech and custom, Bruma and Cheydinhal show Nord and Dark Elf influences in their architecture.

To regain your Health, find a bed to sleep in. Beds can be found in rooms for rent in Taverns. You can also find bedrolls in wilderness camps.

Uriel Septim is a direct descendent of Tiber Septim, who conquered all of Cyrodiil and proclaimed himself Emperor in 2E846.

Watch what you pick up. People don't like it when you steal their goods.

Watch what you pick up. Your bounty will go up if someone catches you stealing.

You can make new friends, and enemies, by joining a faction.

In Cheydinhal, guild mages favor the College of Alteration. The mages of Bravil prefer the College of Illusion.

Mages in the Skingrad guild hall specialize in Destruction, while Chorrol mages specialize in Conjuration.

You'll find Restoration spells at the Anvil Mages Guild, and Mysticism spells in Leyawiin.