Combat Tips
Arrows can be recovered from fallen creatures and characters.

Fatigue affects every action you do. Actions like jumping and fighting will decrease your Fatigue.

Health and Magicka come back when you sleep. You can only sleep in a bed when enemies are not around.

Heavier weapons and armor will slow you down when you wear them.

Heavier weapons will fatigue you more when you swing them.

If you do enough damage to an opponent, you will stagger them.

If you get into a fight with a friend, you can yield to him to stop the combat by holding Block and activating that character. If he likes you enough, he will stop the fight.

Increasing your skill level in Blade, Blunt, or Hand to Hand will allow you to perform new power attacks.

Power attacks do large amounts of damage and are done by holding down the Attack button.

Resting restores your Health, Magicka, and Fatigue.

The condition of your armor affects how much protection it offers.

The condition of your weapons affects how much damage they can do.

Use repair hammers to repair your armor and weapons.

You can run faster with your weapon sheathed.

You can use books, ingredients, torches, potions, and repair hammers by equipping them.

You do less damage with your weapons when your Fatigue is low.

You must find a bed and rest to raise your level.