Location Tips
Lorgren Benirus, who mysteriously disappeared over a hundred years ago, was the original owner of Benirus Manor.

Criminals with bounties! Your prayers at the chapel for healing, curing, and restoration may be denied for your sins! Clear the bounties from your head, and seek forgiveness!

Infamous villains! The Nine may balance the fame of good deeds against the shame of your wickedness when you pray for healing, curing, and restoration at their chapel altars.

Pray in chapels at the Altars of the Nine to rid the body of its afflictions.

The Nine love not the wicked, and scorn their prayers at chapel altars.

The righteous seek blessings from the Nine at altars in the chapels.

Beware, the death of the dreamer means the death of those who share his dream.

In the Dreamworld, your magic and belongings no longer exist, but you still have your talents and skills from the real world.

No one has escaped from the Imperial Prison in over 40 years, since the days of Jagar Tharn and The Imperial Simulacrum.

Stolen goods in your possession are taken from you when you go to jail. Look for evidence chests in the prisons to get them back.

Mehrunes Dagon is the daedric prince of destruction, natural disasters, and the bloody scourge.

Save often. The planes of Oblivion are a dangerous realm.

There are sixteen daedra princes, each with his own plane of Oblivion.

You'll find rare ingredients in the planes of Oblivion that may prove useful when performing Alchemy.

Commander Mishaxhi, one of the Akaviri's greatest tacticians, commanded the fort at Pale Pass.

Pale Pass was the rumored location of the Akaviri headquarters during their invasion of Cyrodiil. The actual location of the fort has been lost over hundreds of years.

The fort at Pale Pass was actually an Imperial structure captured and then inhabited by the invading Akaviri forces.

During the Sack of Sancre Tor, General Talos is said to have recovered the Amulet of Kings from the tomb of Reman III.

If you decide to enter the Arena as a combatant, you'd better come prepared. Every match is a fight to the death.

The Bloodworks beneath the Arena has been appropriately named. Blood often seeps down through the grate of the fighting pit and into this training area.

The first Arena Blademaster was Gaiden Shinji, a fierce and noble warrior of the Order of Diagna.

Porphyric Hemophilia is known as the "vampire's disease." Seek a cure immediately, or you may become a vampire yourself.