Guild Tips
It is said that the Count of Cheydinhal knows of the existence of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, but bribes and threats of death have done wonders to keep his mouth shut.

Just who is the Night Mother? Some say she's an old woman. Others believe she's a spirit or phantom. And there are those still who doubt the Night Mother even exists at all...

The Cheydinhal Sanctuary is but one of many secret Dark Brotherhood safe havens spread across the Imperial Province.

According to the Fighters Guild charter, no private contracts may offend against the laws and customs of the counties and the Imperium.

The Fighters Guild maintains minimum standards of public behavior. You must have a clean criminal record to join.

The highest aspiration of a Fighters Guild member is to advance to the rank of Champion, and eventually Master.

Enchanting and Spellmaking can only be performed by Mages Guild members at the Arcane University.

Mages Guild halls sell Destruction spells in Skingrad, Conjuration in Chorrol, Alteration in Cheydinhal, Illusion in Bravil, Restoration in Anvil, and Mysticism in Leyawiin.

The Mages Guild is an organization dedicated to the instruction and responsible use of magic throughout the Empire.

The Mages Guild is committed to rooting out Necromancy and all who practice it.

You can join the Mages Guild by visiting a guild hall in any major city. However, entrance to the Arcane University in the Imperial City is granted only to higher ranked members.

Joining the Thieves Guild gives you access to fences who will buy your stolen goods.

Some say certain members of the Thieves Guild will buy stolen goods. But some officials insist the Thieves Guild doesn't even exist.