Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition - Siege of Shadowdale Patch v1.1 Available

Siege of Shadowdale, a classic Hall of Fame module for Neverwinter Nights, received an Enhanced Edition upgrade last month thanks to the efforts of Luke Scull. And now, following a couple of hotfixes, the module can boast its first proper patch that fixes several bugs, adds new dialogue options here and there, rebalances a few things, and more.

Here are the patch notes:

Fixed in 1.1:
  • Fixed faction bug with mimic causing Larn, Grimbold, and others with Loner faction (inc. previously Malauntyr) to be prematurely or incorrectly hostile.
  • Decreased number of Timestops Elminster casts.
  • Fixed Two-headed Troll Mercenary regeneration.
  • Fixed bug with reporting success of rat quest to Weregund during siege.
  • Fixed infinite XP bug with Drakkgor's dialogue.
  • Added new dialogue options for Durman and Jhaele for their respective quests.
  • Larn now correctly recognises if he has spoken with PC before.
  • Reduced minimum level for Mysterious Portal sidequest.
  • Added colors to the various cloaks in the module.
Fixed in 1.0c:
  • Implemented autosave.
  • Fixed faction bug with end boss halting story progression.
  • Fixed position of icon indicating PC's current location on the world map.
Fixed in 1.0b:
  • Boots of Speed near start location have been removed.
  • Henchmen will now correctly return to Harper's Hill when fired.
  • A magical breastplate in Castle Krag can now be correctly looted.
Current known issues:
  • Pickpocketing is currently not implemented and can cause faction issues and break the game.
  • Force attacking certain neutral NPCs (ie via the radial menu) can cause faction issues and break the game.
  • Removing henchmen via the radial menu will break their ability to be re-hired. Please fire henchmen through dialogue.
  • Weird graphical bugs with the HD Texture Pack are still present. These will hopefully be fixed as the community updates the pack.