Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition - Siege of Shadowdale Module Released

Taking a breather from his ambitious Blades of Netheril project, Luke Scull brings us an Enhanced Edition of the classic Neverwinter Nights Hall of Fame module - Siege of Shadowdale. Running on the latest version of NWN: EE, this remake features new and expanded dialogue, quests, henchmen, areas, and more.

You can download the module by following the link above. And here's its official trailer:

And some extra details:

"Like a tide of darkness they came, butchering the folk of the Dale with wanton glee. Many are the foes I have battled in my long life but were it not for the actions of one brave adventurer I fear even I would have been undone that fateful day..."

Elminster of Shadowdale, 1372 DR.

20 years after the original release, author and game designer Luke Scull is delighted to present a remake of the classic Hall of Fame module Siege of Shadowdale for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition! This new version features rewritten and expanded dialogue, new quests, new areas to explore, and the addition of several henchmen, as well as a new world map and completely overhauled graphics.

A huge thank you to all the folk whose generous contributions helped make this module possible! Please visit to keep up to date with development of The Blades of Netheril: an epic, seven-part campaign that serves as a mega-sequel to all the game's official content including the original campaign and expansions.

Current version: 1.0