Slavers' Den
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Slavers' Den
1 - Starting Cell

When you wake up, you'll find yourself blind (you're wearing a hood) and in a cell with Markius and two slavers. Once the slavers are dead, Markius will remove the hood from your head, and you'll be free to move about.

2 - Chest

Inside the chest, you'll find your weapons and Markius' weapons, plus the slave pen key.

3 - Room with Slavers

The door to the room requires the slave pen key from #2.

Inside, you'll find half a dozen slavers, and since they can all sneak attack, this can be a tough battle at level 3. So be sure to use your graduation crest, and, if things go badly, let your immortal henchman do the bulk of the work.

In the stew pot in the room, you can find four grahmin tongues, which can be used as rations.

4 - Jhordak's Room

When you open the door to this room, you'll start a cut scene where you and Markius walk up to Jhordak and begin talking to him. So much for stealth! Once the conversation ends, no matter what you said, you'll have to fight Jhordak and his six slaver friends.

As with #3, the slavers can all sneak attack, and so this can be a difficult battle. But the same strategy works. Since Markius can't be killed, you can let him deal with Jhordak while you pick off a couple slavers here and there (like the archers in the back of the room).

Once Jhordak is dead, you'll be able to loot a wand of lightning, the two-bladed sword Vak'ka, and a Bloodhawk key from his corpse. The key unlocks the door to the south.


A. Rope leading to the Sewers. Once you've left the den, Markius will tell you that he needs to be "alone with his thoughts" for a while, and he'll leave you on your own. You'll also earn 500 experience. To hook up with Markius again, you'll have to complete the quests with Kara Dy'nesh (starting in the Market District) and Tarin Lightfingers (starting in the Ravenclaw Tavern).