Ravaged Market District
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Ravaged Market District
Area Note

The Market District will turn into the Ravaged Market District after the city has come under attack. You'll need to pass through the area on your way to the docks. To help you out, at the gate to the district (on the Imperial District side) you'll be able to choose a ShadowGuard to help you out. Since several imperial guards will also help you out, it doesn't make much of a difference who you choose.

1 - Anchoring Post

If you can pass a dexterity check, you'll be able to use a small boat to sail to the Docks.

2 - Tagnar Forgehammer's Stand

At Tagnar's former stand you can find some racks with basic weapons and armor inside.

3 - Sevanna's Stand

At Sevanna's former stand you can find a chest with a rope with grappling hook inside. You can use the rope to lower yourself into Mikel Ravenclaw's room (under #5).

4 - Imperial Officer Ganolin

As you approach Ganolin, an explosion will destroy the gate to the Docks and give Ganolin a mortal wound. However, before he dies he'll let you know that there are three ways you can get to the Docks: by destroying (bashing) the rubble on the bridge to clear a path, by taking a boat there (#1), or by seeking the secret passage in Mikel Ravenclaw's room (under #5).

5 - Rubble

You'll discover a hole in the rubble, and if you pick up the rope from #3, you'll be able to lower yourself into the tavern and find yourself in Mikel Ravenclaw's room. The trap door leading to the Docks is in the small storage room in the back. If you killed Mikel earlier, then you'll need his key to unlock it. If you were diplomatic with Mikel, then you'll either have to persuade him to let you use the trap door, or you'll have to kill him for the key.


A. Gate back to the Imperial District.

B. Bridge to the Docks. You'll have to clear the rubble to use this exit.