Imperial District
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Imperial District
1 - Imperial Academy

After a short conversation with the Eternal Spirit and a recounting of your past, this is where you'll find yourself at the start of the module. It's your graduation day from the academy, but it doesn't matter much what you say to your classmates or what fate you choose for Yakir the Black (although your choice can change your alignment slightly). The only decision that really affects the module is the crest you choose.

The Crest of the Enforcer contains spells for flame weapon (10) and keen edge (10). The Crest of the Guardian contains spells for globe of invulnerability (11) and shield (5). And the Crest of the Redeemer contains spells for cure moderate wounds (10) and monstrous regeneration (9).

After you've selected a crest, the ceremony will end, and Imperial Instructor Jarvis will tell you that the ShadowGuard, "a force in [emperor] Rakha's direct service," is interested in you, and that you should seek out a man named Markius Albright in the Market District. He'll also give you a copy of The Chronicles of Abaran, which you should read if it's your first time through the module.

2 - Janthos and Alia

You might remember Janthos and Alia from your graduation ceremony. If you talk to Janthos, he'll tell you that he needs a power source "capable of containing the potent magic necessary to enhance [his] construct's abilities." If you make a lore check, you can immediately suggest irilium as the power source. Otherwise, you'll have to find a book about it in the Market District, at Sevanna's stall, where you can also buy the irilium crystals.

After you've spoken to Janthos, Alia will call you over and tell you how "creepy" she finds Janthos' constructs, and how they're bad for the empire. She'll then suggest that you give the power source to her first so she can sabotage it and thus damage the constructs.

When you give the irilium crystals to Janthos, you'll receive 200 experience and 0-200 gold. If you gave the crystals over to Alia first, then you won't have to face constructs as enemies later in the game. Siding with Alia will also make you more good and lawful. Refusing gold from Janthos will make you more good.

You can also talk to Janthos' newest construct here, and it will tell you a little about the empire and the city that you're in.

3 - Statue

At the end of the module, when the city comes under attack, you might be able to use this statue to find a secret passage into the Imperial Grand Hall. Discovering the passage requires a spot check.


A. Gate to the Market District.

B. Entrance of the Imperial Grand Hall.

C. Gate to the Imperial Estate.