Market District
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Market District
1 - Markius Albright

This is where you'll find Markius the first time you enter the Market District. He'll tell you that slavers are operating in the city, and he'll ask you to try and gather information from one of their operatives, Shrak (#4). There are a few ways to do this, including persuasion, theft and murder. You can also ignore Shrak completely and simply loot his (locked and trapped) chest.

You'll learn that the slavers have a room in the Ravenclaw Tavern, and that the pass phrase for admittance is "the hawk's blood flows freely." Once you've relayed this information to Markius, you'll earn 100-200 gold, and Markius will join up with you to stop the slavers.

However, when you reach the slavers' room at the tavern, you'll learn that it was all a trap, and the slavers will capture you. After being knocked unconscious, you'll find yourself in the Slavers' Den. From there you'll have to fight your way out, including a battle with the slaver leader Jhordak.

Once you've exited the den, you'll earn 500 experience, but Markius will decide to leave you for a while. However, he'll recommend that you meet with his friends Kara Dy'Nesh (who starts at #5) and Tarin Lightfingers (who starts in the Ravenclaw Tavern). To see how to meet up with Markius again (and thus further the plot) please refer to #8.

2 - Sevanna

Sevanna sells potions and spells. If you're working on the quest for Janthos to find a power source, then you can buy a Guide to Animating Constructs here for 10-20 gold (if you need to learn about irilium), and then you can buy the irilium crystals themselves for 30-60 gold. If you don't want to pay Sevanna, then you can also find the two items in the (trapped and locked) chest next to her. She won't care if you bash or pick open the chest.

Note: East of Sevanna's stand you should find four crates that you can loot. Most of the items inside will only sell for 1-2 gold, but you should also find a bar of mithral worth over 600 gold.

3 - Tagnar Forgehammer

Tagnar sells armor and weapons.

4 - Shrak

Shrak is involved in Markius' quest. See #1 for details. If you leave him alive, Shrak will buy stolen goods.

5 - Nelgir

When you click on Nelgir, you'll witness a scene where he and an elven woman named Kara Dy'nesh have a disagreement about a bloodstone, culminating with the woman stealing the stone and summoning a spirit to haunt Nelgir's stand. Nelgir will then ask for your help in banishing the spirit, and he'll offer you 200-400 gold (you can help Nelgir for free if you want, but then you'll gain nothing).

The first thing you'll need to do for this quest is talk to Kara. You'll find her in the Ravenclaw Tavern (Exit E), but before you can enter her room and discuss the matter with her, you'll need to persuade or bribe Ruknar the Tavern Keeper into giving you the key. (The door to her room is locked and can't be bashed or picked.)

Once you've met up with Kara, you'll learn that the spirit haunting the stand is actually Nelgir's father, and that Nelgir killed him so he could steal his gems and set up his own gem stand. Further, you'll learn that to banish the spirit, you'll need to bring Nelgir to justice, and that it might help you to find the spirit's body, which is located in "a place of darkness and a terrible stench" -- that is, in the sewers.

There are three ways to complete this quest:

A) If you want a quick end, you can steal the bloodstone from Kara (through dialogue) and then click on the spirit to banish it. This will net you 250 experience, plus whatever payment Nelgir promised you.

B) After you've found the corpse of the spirit, you can give it to Imperial Officer Ganolin (next to Sevanna's stand in the Market District). He'll give you 200 gold, and then when you click on the spirit, Nelgir will get arrested and you'll earn 250 experience.

C) Instead of giving the body to Imperial Officer Ganolin, you can give it to Nelgir instead. Then he'll pay you 300 gold plus whatever he promised you before, but you won't gain any experience.

Note: If you decide to side with Nelgir (using either method A or C), then you can talk to him after talking to Kara, and get him to double the amount he's willing to pay you.

6 - Rago

Rago sells food. If you find that you need more packed rations, you can buy them here for 1 gold each. You can also buy a pair of light gems from Rago, and they can be "socketed" into items to make them permanent light sources.

7 - Mylok

Mylok is involved in a quest from Ghan the Minotaur. See the Ravenclaw Tavern section for details.

8 - Main Plaza

For the first half of the game, nothing will happen here, and you won't be able talk to Harkon.

Later, after you've...

A) Helped Markius (#1) with the slavers,

B) Assisted Kara (starting at #5) with the bloodstone and the disciples of Akhana, and

C) Rescued Tarin (starting in the Ravenclaw Tavern) from the Nightcrawlers,

... then the Crimson Prophet will appear in the plaza, and, after briefly taunting Harkon, will just as quickly disappear again. Harkon will leave for the Imperial Grand Hall, but when you move to follow him, a "strange messenger" will stop you and tell you to seek out Xanthar north of the gate to the docks (Exit D).

When you reach Xanthar, he and two assassins will attempt to kill you, but then Markius will show up to help foil the plot (chances are, at least one imperial guard will show up as well). Markius will then advise you to warn your father about what's going on while he looks into the matter further. You'll find your father in the Imperial Grand Hall.


A. Gate to the Imperial District. After completing Nelgir's quest, three disciples of Akhana will show up at the gate looking for Kara Dy'nesh. See her entry in the Ravenclaw Tavern section for details.

B. Entrance to the Sewers.

C. Trap door to the Boat House. You won't be able to enter the boat house until you've met and need to assist Tarin. See the Ravenclaw Tavern section for details.

D. Gate to the Docks. You won't be able to go to the Docks until the end of the module.

E. Entrance to the Ravenclaw Tavern.