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1 - Egbar

Once you've taken on Nelgir's quest and learned that there is a body in the sewers, you can ask Egbar where the body might be. If you can persuade or bribe Egbar to answer you, then he'll let you know that he saw a suspicious fellow carrying a sack in the northern part of the sewers (#2).

2 - Body

You won't be able to find the body here until you've accepted Nelgir's quest. Then if you have a high enough spot skill you can find the body on your own. Otherwise you'll have to talk to Egbar (#1) and get him to point you in the right direction.


A. Gate back to the Market District.

B. Trap door to the Slavers' Den. You'll need a key for the trap door, and you'll only find it once you've been captured by the slavers.