Imperial Estate
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Imperial Estate
Area Note

You won't be able to enter this area until after you've killed Chancellor Varhun and learned of the danger to your father.

1 - Your Home

When you approach the door to your house, you'll initiate a cut scene that will end with your house being blown up and you being knocked senseless. When you come around, you'll witness the Crimson Prophet exiting the remains of your house. Before he leaves, he'll order his minions to kill you.

But then, just in the nick of time, Markius will show up again, and the two of you will face off against four Crimson Followers. Once the followers are dead, if you talk to Markius, he'll suggest that you flee the city in his ship the Voyager.

Of course, you'll quickly discover that the city has come under attack, and so reaching the Docks won't be as easy as it used to be. In fact, if you try to fight your way to the Market District, you'll find that the gate has been magically sealed, and that you'll need to shut down the control stone in the Imperial Grand Hall in order to open it.

To enter the Imperial Grand Hall, you'll have a couple options. If you have a high spot skill, then clicking on the statue in front of the hall might reveal a hidden underground passage. The passage is full of traps, but it leads to the storeroom in the hall. Otherwise, you'll have to fight your way into the Grand Hall. This involves fighting continually-spawning Crimson Followers while bashing down the door or picking the door's five locks. If you talk to Imperial Captain Anagril (who should be in the Imperial District somewhere), then he and his men will help you against the Crimson Followers.

Shutting down the Control Stone is covered in the Imperial Grand Hall section. Once you've done that, you'll need to visit the Ravaged Market District so you can reach the docks and escape the city.


A. Gate back to the Imperial District.