Tomi Undergallows

Location: Temple of Tyr

Chapter One Quest: Tomi's quest requires you to obtain some "Official Documents", which you can find in Thomas Wheelwright's Wagon Repair in the southeast section of Beggar's Nest. Once found, hand them to Tomi to receive a Ring of the Rogue +1.

Chapter Two Quest: The item that Tomi is looking for in chapter 2 is the Star of Calimshan. The star is located into Wanev's Tower on the South Road. Once you have the star give it to Tomi and he will give you back the Ring of the Rogue +3.

Chapter Three Quest: The little Halfling will tell you another of his crazy stories in this Chapter. After a few conversations with him he will inform you that he is in search for some ashes of a Great Hero. When you arrive to the Elk Tribe Keep you will find the Ashes of the Running Wolf, a great Warrior for the Uthgardt people. The ashes qualify for the item that Tomi seeks. The Ring of Rogue +4 and 300 experience points will be your reward for giving the ashes to Tomi. This also completes his quests for the game since no henchmen quests are given to you in Chapter 4.