Linu La'Neral

Location: Trade of Blades

Chapter One Quest: Linu's quest requires you to retrieve the Silver Chalice of Moonbow in Meldanen's Estate in the Blacklake District. Once found, hand the chalice to her to receive the Pendant of the Elf +1.

Chapter Two Quest: Linu is in search for her husband's Journal as you will find out from her tale in chapter 2. You will come upon a Journal of Synth La'neral at the Troll Caves level 1. The journal was on a body which apparently the body was once the husband of Linu. Giving her the Journal is enough for Linu to reward you with the Pendant of the Elf +3.

Chapter Three Quest: After sharing another tale with you, Linu will eventually ask you help her find a rare seed called Volcanic Oak Seed. You can find such seed near some standing stones over at the Fort Ilkard Ruins. Give the seed to Linu once you find it and she will upgrade her quest item to the Pendant of the Elf +4. You will also gain 300 experience points as a reward for completing Linu's Quest. This also completes her quests for the game since no henchmen quests are given to you in Chapter 4.